The Trick: Back Flips with Jaegar Bailey


If there’s one thing this guy know how to do, it’s flip. Preston gets the dirt in the latest episode of The Trick, and there is discussion of it being the “funnest” trick, which is totally not a word, you guys.

  • dlowk

    probably not the best idea to wear a raw sweatshirt on a promo thing like this

  • nobeat

    Preston is awkward, yo.

  • RAW sweatshirt was a phenomenal idea, and Preston is the man so trill.

  • sluicebox

    how to do a backflip
    1. don’t be a pussy
    2. commit to a flip
    3. see step 1

  • Uncle Stan

    Jaeger Bailey needs to die

  • upstatemike.

    single cork!!