PSA: Guns, Bullshit & Snowboarding


By Eric Fernandez

There is a bullshit phenomenon in the snowboard world pissing me off now more than ever. The use of live firearms in web videos and video parts. Are you a thug ready to murder your next victim, or are you a snowboarder? Oh yeah, you’re a snowboarder, so stop promoting guns.

“The Real” in TRJJ is for “Real in da streetz.”

I presume that the reason for including this footage is to show how edgy the rider is, to project an image of being “raw” and “badass,” or to mock contemporary culture surrounding rap music which equates guns with “cool.” Or maybe it is to show that they can have fun not giving a flying fuck about doing an inherently dangerous, life-threatening, irresponsible and pointless activity like firing an automatic firearm into a god damn lake or at a tree in the mountains. Well, I will spare you the suspense: including this footage in your video will not make you seem more badass, or more interesting, or a better snowboarder. It will make you seem like an utter moron as you embarrass the snowboard community with your ridiculous antics.

Why do you even have an AK-47? And why is shooting water cool?

The dude with the gun must turn over to his filmer to be sure that he is going to get the shot. Does he call “drop” just like he does while he’s strapped in? I’ve considered that maybe these kids are actually running around just firing these assault weapons with reckless abandon, and their filmers are just so happening to get some of it on film. I really would like to know how many of these kids are playing with guns for fun when the cameras aren’t around.

Skip to :25 for some stupid shit.

I know what most of you are thinking: this piece was written as a direct response to the horrifying, unspeakable acts that were committed this morning in Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 some children between the ages of 5 and 10 had bullets tear through their bodies as their classmates watched on. Well, I wrote this piece a week ago, when the last shooting happened. Here we are with two shootings in one week, one in Portland, where a lot of people who are reading this might even live. I read the news this morning and I started weeping. I wept for like 10 minutes. The event in Newtown Connecticut this morning should be a looming reminder of the reality of guns and reinforce the fact that guns and snowboarding should not be associated with one another. I love watching you guys snowboard, I don’t want to see one of you accidentally send a bullet through your buddy’s head.

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  1. doop
    doop says:

    When you live in the mountains guns are just kind of around, and you learn to use and respect them properly. An you kids that think yo thUG monEy give everyone else a bad name.

    Don’t ban guns, Ban stupid people.

  2. CupOwater
    CupOwater says:

    Can we just get rid of all the dumb laws? The seat belt law? Smoking age?
    If I want to rid my motorcycle with out a helmet and eat a MSG filled burrito fucking let me, but dont come bitching when your fat and smacked your head on the concrete.

    All these nanny laws are breeding stupidity

  3. The good die young...
    The good die young... says:

    How bout paying respect to those who lost their children, instead of adding fuel to the political fire just because you have personal view on gun violence…

  4. You wish
    You wish says:

    You pansy shooting guns is American as fuck. just because some fuck stick has anger problems doesnt mean every person with a gun is going to shoot some one. So how about instead of preaching no guns, how about preach gun education, seacrest out

  5. seamus
    seamus says:

    really? i get that you’re trying to be relevant but please just leave it to facebook for me to read people’s shitty views on gun control.

  6. ...
    ... says:

    This is dumb your opinion isn’t going to up and change gun policy this hippy little letter to yo beat was a waste of time please you should go shoot a gun then re right think your opinion just remember be safe

  7. phillp oliver holes
    phillp oliver holes says:

    I come to this site for snowboard videos and articles not for someones opinion about guns or there role in anyones life. real lame yobeat after the terrible shooting today this is the last place I want to see more stuff like this. Let it go to the news

  8. ?
    ? says:

    i come here to watch snowboarding shit not here this kinda crap. Ill read some liberal trash news outlet if i wanna hear this. Its embarassing that there was an attempt to connect today’s shootings to the snowboard community.

  9. matt
    matt says:

    this is retarded. plenty of sane people shoot clays and hunt everyday for fun and never shoot anyone.

    the gremlinz firing a gun off into a lake is just fun.

    stop being such a pussy. you can write a list of shit that shouldnt be in snowboard vids, at the end of the day, youre just crying.

  10. Alpental
    Alpental says:

    Didnt i just watch a jamie lynn segment on shooting coyotes on this website 2 days ago? Just saying…………

  11. Really Now
    Really Now says:

    Soo your insulting Jamie Lynn, J.P Walker, Jermy Jones and the like… I really hope your better then them.

  12. thetruth
    thetruth says:

    The problem isn’t a “gun” problem.

    The problem is a “_____ didn’t go my way so I am going to throw an epic temper tantrum by murdering innocent people” problem. That is the common underlying theme in these shootings- along with some mental affliction. These people are convinced by the media and the liberals that they are victims and XYZ is out to get them and screw them over.

    When the world is out to get you, the world becomes a pretty good target. Maybe if we told these people to own up for their actions, their failures and defeats they would seek self improvement rather than carnage?

    America had way more guns 30 years ago than we do now, but also way less mass shootings. It also seemed that america had more personal responsibility and morality.

    Also- A fun analogy for those too blinded by the ends to see the evil of their means- Just imagine if we could arrest anyone that was a suspect for a crime! Anyone even remotely connected! It would save lives, with absolute certainty. Who cares that we would lock up a few innocent people, think of all the lives it would save. Oh, wait. This is not quite how our country works.

    Another fun situation to ponder through your tears and hyperventilation: My friends dad was a raging drunk. Dangerously drunk. Mother divorced him and they got a restraining order, huge legal mess. One day My friends brother came home and the dad (big guy) was in the house, hammered, acting insane. My friends brother, 20 y/o and living with his mom after the divorce, had his .40 in his truck so he went and got it. Didnt even have to point it to get the drunken threat to leave before calling the police. Do you want to go explain your gun control ideas to my friends family? Maybe try to convince them that they would have been much safer without the gun?

    Anyways, Yobeat has officially jumped the shark for this rider. I knew they were a bunch of idiot hippies but I could overlook that to watch some shred videos. Now I can’t. The thought of these jackasses getting ad money from my view to spread their utopian propaganda is quite upsetting. Off to transworld, where snowboarding trumps knee-jerk politics.

  13. Rich
    Rich says:

    In a country with the millions of guns we have, it would be near impossible to round them all up. Think failure confiscating the war on drugs. An impossible confiscation.

    I agree with TheTruth that this more a culture problem more than anything else. Why is it that guns have always been around, but it is the past 15-20 years that we have had all these shootings? Something bigger is at play than gun ownership. I blame the cold hearts, and self motivated social norms that dominate modern life. It is a “me” society that has destroyed the community that used to help those in need, mentally or physically. Now everyone does their own thing and expects the government to take care of the rest.

  14. t-bow
    t-bow says:

    i dont have a problem with guns at all. however i cant stand how some snowboarders think they are cool adding this shit into video parts. makes u look like fucking idiots. what the hell do mostof u even need guns for?….to look cool or be a thug…faggots…

  15. donkeylipz
    donkeylipz says:

    why are people freaking out over gun control/ownership here? nothing to do with this article . . . derrpppppppp

  16. Biitjo
    Biitjo says:

    What donkeylipz said, there is no damn mention about gun laws and who should have guns. The article was to point out that snowboard videos should not be promoting guns in any way. Definitely backing this!
    Learn to read.

  17. Just a Canadian
    Just a Canadian says:

    What libertarian kooks like cupowater don’t realize is that paternalistic laws don’t breed stupidity; they’re a corrective for it. Any decent economist will tell you that people have serious psychological shortcomings when it comes to discounting their future too steeply; seat-belt fines serve to make more tangible and immediate the costs associated with not wearing one, and thereby grant efficacy to people’s better judgments. Furthermore, America’s movement towards a public healthcare system means that when you hit your head on your dumbfuck motorcycle, everyone pays for it, not just you.
    The amount of gun violence in the US is anomalous in modern industrialized countries because of a lack of gun control laws, not because of some cultural decline or some other half-baked notion, it’s that simple. A similar event occurred in China, which possesses strict gun control laws, with near identical conditions with the exception that the perpetrator was wielding a knife, not a gun, and no deaths resulted (link to articles in the name). Dudes like Jeremy Jones are, regrettably, in a public position in which kids look up to and emulate him. That fact alone makes the politics that might intersect with snowboarding fair game. Insulting Jamie Lynn, J.P. and Jeremy doesn’t detract from their boarding, they can be both amazing snowboarders and perfectly terrible people simultaneously; one doesn’t invalidate the other.
    Can’t believe how many of you redneck conservative kooks comment on yobeat, guess that’s what happens when the supposed epicenters of snowboarding are cultural cesspools like salt lake city and northern California…

  18. Pussies
    Pussies says:

    Cant be the only one that felt those gun scenes added value to those two clips. Gangsters have guns, Gremlinz= Gangsters, fitting. First clip guns just added to the cinematic excellence of the edit and fit the song. Stop being pussies, it takes a person to kill a person, just because I am given a gun doesn’t make me want to kill someone.

    Stop being bitches, guns are cool/ people are tools


  19. yobeatisoutoftampons
    yobeatisoutoftampons says:

    yeah, this article was fucking gay and preachy. even if i agree with the message, this was retarded and has no goddamn point to it. also you missed dissing on the entire alaska segment in the travis rice movie, and they even be shooting propane tanks in that one…. fucking up the environment and shit

  20. thanks buddy
    thanks buddy says:

    fuk that film whatever you want dont like it dont watch it guns dont kill people people do too many people anyways

  21. guns
    guns says:

    you cant say that just because someone films a video and has a couple shots of shooting guns that they are trying to be thug . i personally stand behind the concealed carry laws i love shooting guns its a great fucking time and some times me and my friends will go out and set up a bunch of targets and just blow that shit up its a blast i also love snowboarding there is nothing wrong with snowboarders shooting guns its good fun

  22. How about banning avalanche control with Howitzers?
    How about banning avalanche control with Howitzers? says:

    Coming from AK where everyones grandma packs heat I feel like the point of this article is for all these art fags in PDX to get their agenda passed. You already can’t have a firearm in Portland city limits. Seriously its about people control not gun control. Look at Mexico, you are allowed a rifle only, does that keep civilians from having hand guns? No.
    Keep the politics out of snowboarding. For now I’ll be waiting AK in hand with a blunt in my mouth locked and loaded ready for you liberal pussies to attempt to have me turn in my firearms voluntary.
    Get the fuck outta here you liberal douchebag.

  23. Germany
    Germany says:

    Same with consuming drugs.
    Wrong role models like Nate Bozung have a terrible effect on kids, who think that consuming drugs is cool becouse some snowboarders are doing it.

  24. CupOwater
    CupOwater says:

    Canadian guy up there ^^^^

    Why should anyone else pay for my stupidity for not wearing a helmet? I was the one that didn’t use my head (hah), and it is no ones fault but myself.

    I don’t get it.

  25. michael
    michael says:

    Really? All you do is talk crap about Jeremy Jones. You aren’t building the snowboard community but you’re destroying it by talking crap about riders. Lame!

  26. Skilmer
    Skilmer says:

    Youbeat, fuck you for fucking posting this… Trying to kindle drama. Don’t act like you didn’t think this’d be a shit storm.

    Why are we honestly arguing over this right now? Any of you have any real compassion? It doesn’t seem that way as you utilize a tragedy for your argument. Liberals and conservatives alike. Do you think any of you herbs arguing over gun control is actually making a difference to those families going through this ordeal? Stop for just for a minute, and fuckin utilize that little shred of empathy you got left.

    R.I.P. Children and faculty of newtown, ct. My condolences to all affected by this.

  27. Just a Canadian
    Just a Canadian says:

    Cupofwater: what I was suggesting is that in publicly funded healthcare systems (partial or otherwise), the burden of medical expenses is distributed amongst taxpayers, it’s not the individual who is paying, and neurosurgery ain’t cheap. And when your vegetable ass can’t work for the rest of your life, it’s taxpayer funded social security programs like disability insurance that sustain you.

  28. stingygoose
    stingygoose says:

    bottom line: if a guy wants to shoot up a school, he can find a gun even with gun control laws in place. Some people think laws are never broken or some shit, definitely not the case.

  29. CupOwater
    CupOwater says:

    What ever man I dont agree. I think individuals need to be responsible for there actions, and not pawn off the consequences for there poor decision making on others.

    I’ve got the same grip with well fare as well. I have friends that don’t work, snowboard all the time (which is awesome) and the government floats the bill, and people like myself that have to work a 9-5 have to pay for them. Don’t get me wrong, Its cool for them they could make that situation happen, but I feels wrong.

  30. Lern2reed
    Lern2reed says:

    Someone should copy/paste this article
    into the comments — maybe more people would actually read it. I own guns, and use them for hunting and shooting clays/targets safely, which in my opinion way cooler than shooting trees in the woods like a moron. There’s nothing gangster about snowboarding. If the dudes putting guns in their videos aren’t trying to seem tough, then they’re just being ironic which is just as lame. These guys should be conscious of the image they project to the little dudes looking up to them. This article isn’t about gun control or politics, its about not being an irresponsible dufus and I totally back it.

  31. Skilmer
    Skilmer says:

    @asparagus piss or I know what it’s like to go through an experience like losing a family member. I would rather respect and send them my best wishes rather than having a pissing contest, ya dick.

  32. sean
    sean says:

    @asparagus piss , thats great that you read articles on im sure youre a genius , and if it was up to me noone would be allowed to own guns. Its understandable that everyone is ultimately just trying to look towards a solution to a sick problem that we all wish we weren’t dealing with. But using this as a time to prove that your personal point of view is “right” is so fucking stupid. Use your brain and be a human and realize that this was an act of absolute insanity. A similar incident to this happened in China a few days ago but guess what…. the guy used a knife. None of this is light hearted or funny or should be used in any way to gain publicity or have people support a personal viewpoint. The fact is people must be falling out of touch with family members or friends in a way that is so extreme that there are a few that are so outcast that they are angry enough to do something unimaginably fucked up. Some sad sad stuff.

  33. poop
    poop says:

    Wow. fuck this shit. I don’t come to yobeat to hear people berating my hobbies, which happens to include shooting guns. keep your retarded views on gun control on facebook.

  34. Riehle
    Riehle says:

    guns are dope, video’s are more than just snowboarding its shows off the person. I mean I get it w/ a bunch of dumbass’s goin on rants lately, but snowboarder’s shooting them off is pretty American.

  35. Chris
    Chris says:

    And this write up is definitely on point and esp regarding the last part the least sarcastic thing written on the site.

  36. @donkeylipz @Biitjo
    @donkeylipz @Biitjo says:

    actually, if you read it thoroughly, you would have been able to see that in the last paragraph he tied it to the shootings in oregon and the recent shootings in connecticut. he directly related his article about guns in snowboarding to recent horrific shootings, therefore expressing his political views on gun control through snowboarding.

    read this, it makes a lot more sense to me than arguing gun control. just give it a chance…

  37. @donkeylipz@Biitjo
    @[email protected] says:

    actually, if you read it thoroughly, you would have been able to see that in the last paragraph he tied it to the shootings in oregon and the recent horrific shootings in connecticut. he directly related his article about guns in snowboarding to recent horrific shootings, therefore expressing his political views on gun control through snowboarding.

    click on my name and read that article, it makes a lot more sense to me than arguing stricter gun policies. just give it a chance…

  38. Tech9ine bitches
    Tech9ine bitches says:

    The Gremlans are all pussies. Those kids dont have guns (cuz their parents wouldnt fork over the cash) and they are definitely yelling at the camera man to get the shot when they are holding their friends gun.

    Besides that, I dont get why this post is on a snowboard website

  39. YoBeat is JustBeat
    YoBeat is JustBeat says:

    andddd YoBeat just fell off completely. Did you really just relate a policital agenda to snowboarding? I get enough politics in my everyday life. I dont come to this website to hear some whiny kid rant about their personal position on firearms. I know why everyone shits on YoBeat now, you guys are slipping.

    And get Eric Fernandez off the boards and onto a blog where people are at least in tune with what your talking about. Stick to what you know because its not politics and it sure isnt snowboarding. More snowboarding, less whining opinions.

    I can only hope that ChangeThatTape starts posting more

  40. asparagus piss
    asparagus piss says:

    @asparagus piss , thats great that you read articles on im sure youre a genius , and if it was up to me noone would be allowed to own guns. Its understandable that everyone is ultimately just trying to look towards a solution to a sick problem that we all wish we weren’t dealing with. But using this as a time to prove that your personal point of view is “right” is so fucking stupid.

    Granted that was a meatheaded way to put it, but your point of view makes no sense to me. My problem is with all the people literally saying, “Now is not the time to talk about control.” That is nothing if not subterfuge to avoid defending the indefensible. If I talk about why the prevalence of guns in this country is completely wretched right now or at any other time it is insensitive to NO ONE. If that conversation actually gains traction because of what happened and something changes, that would be a far more important tribute to the lives lost than a bunch of gun-toting kooks saying, “We can’t talk about guns, we should just pray for the families.”

  41. asparagus piss
    asparagus piss says:

    @asparagus piss or I know what it’s like to go through an experience like losing a family member. I would rather respect and send them my best wishes rather than having a pissing contest, ya dick.

    I think the best way to respect the people who lost loved ones would be to speak honestly about access to guns in this country. Do you even know what “pissing contest” means? Do you honestly think these people would rather everyone have a somber moment of silence than talk about solid steps that could be taken to reduce the likelihood of something like this happening again? It is not a mark of respect to avoid a discussion about one of the main reasons things like this continue to happen; it’s the opposite of that.

  42. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    I’m scared of the generation of kids growing up today. Bunch of socially akward wussbags. No one would have tried this shit back in the day, they’d be too scared to get beat up a nun with a ruler.

  43. skilmer
    skilmer says:

    “A pissing contest is any argument that just goes back and forth between two individuals but never gets resolved.”

    Snowboarders arguing politics… sounds about right.

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