The People’s Court: Jake Luczak vs. Ty Walker



Battle of the sexes, what could be better? This week we have A dude with all the tricks you love on some early season tubes matched up against a girl that can actually hit jumps. You decide.

Jake Luczak


Ty Walker

The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of each weekly battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear and be in contention for the year-end battle with a grand prize of a one-year Arnette sponsorship. To submit your edit, email the link to [email protected]

  • Walter

    her number in one of the comps was 69, i liked that

  • How can she be so good at jumps but ride rails at a KC KYLE level…?

  • Midwest murder

    I voted for the sex tape. Weak match up.

  • J

    You know she’s 15?

  • bitches

    Now that we’ve seen parts from girls who know how to snowboard, this style is unacceptable

  • Larry Hoover

    If you calculate in the girl handicap algorithm, it is mathematically proven that Ty wins.

  • Larry Hoover

    And the fact that Jake’s song has already been used in two incredible edits, you have to divide Ï€ out of the equation. The math is all there, the woman wins.

  • jeenyus

    The girl is the worst dancer I have ever seen.



  • santa

    jakes like 16 that dude rips

  • mr G

    it was just a pre season edit and he still killed it

  • OG Mudbone

    penis power!!!!

  • uh

    isn’t ty a dudes name

  • Starting off your edit with a Fs Feeble to Fakie, bold statement.

  • Ian ball

    jake rips…. video is dope too

  • boneyballsack

    Ty @ 3:25

  • The REAL guy

    I mean Ty rips but we get it you can back 3 tail…


    holy zeach

  • Bang

    Her name is Ty…?

  • sosa

    judging them both the same even tho jakes edit is preseason it was more enjoyable to watch. im over these girls with bad style

  • Beetle juice

    Boob slide for the win

  • 666 baby eater

    hecka yeah jake!

  • mileycyruslickmyasshole

    that jake luczak kid is ass cheeks. i’d let that girl toss my salad anyday

  • chris uvanni

    who let this bitch out of the kitchen??

  • dlowk


  • jackflash

    ever heard of switch

  • Boner Jamz

    that chicks got balls zeachin through all those rails

  • Shitty comparison

    Bunch of zeaches from the girl, early outs and tricks done on features so close to the ground my grandmother could step over them from the guy. Early season edit or not, I doubt ol Jakie boy could step to half of those jumps with a 3, let alone grab them. And I’m not convinced Ty could hit rails (off the ground or not) with that kind of technicality. This is like comparing apples to oranges. And with that helmet is she even eligible? Thought you got a paycheck for rocking one of those. None the less I’m voting Ty over Jake, rather see someone sending it versus someone pulling anything on corrugated sitting on dirt.

  • Hariat Tubbman

    I hope she makes sandwiches better than she rides

  • f nrg drankz

    If she wasnt wearing a redbull helmet i bet she would have won

  • JP Walker

    Ty gets my vote because she told me which mountains she was riding. Thats a HUGE plus in my books. Also, her zeaches are dead on.

  • HotDawgJesus

    Its kinda not fair cause the girl does have a better place to snowboard, but jake used what he had and is hella sick. he’s got more style than she does. the only thing that she can do that he cant is use the big jumps at her place where as jake has no place to catch some airr.
    Therefore i have concluded that jake has awesome rail wizardry with gives hime 1000 life points.
    Ty gets respect but no cigarr

  • gay meat

    that girl’s edit is fucking hilarious. kill yourself Ty

  • Fvck swag

    That girls edit was over a longer period of time than jakes, his was a preseason edit hers was prolly over a coarse of a year, and Ty is a guys name

  • mini me

    Ty: So.Many.Zeaches.

  • cuffed & creased

    in the words of Ty: you know its a good day when Stacy’s Mom comes on

  • randy mathews

    I think Ty has had a camera man follow her the entire year, and put in literally any trick she didn’t fall in, someone please take the time to count the number of frontside 3s and get back to us

  • some guy from the internet

    for shame yobeat, for shame

  • K T

    Hell yeah Jake

  • IaMcOOl

    Typical fucking sexist douche bags permeate snowboarding. Don’t like the girl’s riding, fine. I’d guess most of you dickwads can’t even turn a fucking snowboard, but you know how to spew garbage. That wannabe hippy from Mt Snow looked like he was tryin too hard. Probably doesn’t even smoke weed, fucking kook.

  • Ignorant sexist bastard

    @IaMcOOl hey fuck off, if she was good no one would say anything negative. She proly can’t even make a sandwich. YOU FUCKING PEICE OF SHIT. NO ONE WANTS YOUR INPUT YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THE RIDER FAGGG

  • Ignorant sexist bastard

    I have SWAGG that’s all that matters

  • Jake lu

    Chill out

  • bs420

    na he smokes pot cuz i sell him skimped dime bags

  • shred4life

    Average at best 16 yr old guy vs. one of the best female riders in the world (any age) at 15 yrs old…Ty wins hands down!!!

  • .

    danger, why in the world would you choose that song for homegirl’s edit? i had to mute it.

  • .

    and ian ball- way to call your own video you made cool in the comments, despite the fact that it sucked and you used future islands. it’s too late to use future islands, ian ball. it’s too fucking late. don’t you get it?!

  • hmmm

    so i give the girl props but it seems like she’s the kind of person who wants to be a pro rider cause she saw louie vito on dancing with the stars and probably has a 30 something year old coach filming her w/ a gopro. Jake’s a shop kid from the east coast and seems like he’s actually having fun filming with his buddy. so my vote goes to jake

  • Whothekcuf

    i dont care what chill ass 16 year old background the kid has or if this bitch is a bitch, that was stupid. not to mention jake’s song has already been used in the new people video. core points are declining. hit me with a sex tape please

  • rob

    what were the 2 edits the song was used in? I recognise it but for the life of me cant remember when its been used.

  • montana meth

    Jake wins. Fuck you.

  • Stveo