Like a Stepchild FULL MOVIE


The other team edit everyone in Canada has been patiently awaiting, and we think you ‘mericans may just enjoy as well.

  • Dope

    That was tha business…minus a few parts

  • tite

    first du

  • tite

    jk yo

  • aaaa

    i love JP WALKER

  • minnesotanice


  • minnesotanice

    JP had a few sick shots, kinda surprised at some of those disasters on that huge dfd.

  • Poop

    Anyone see the $$ signs in Hobush’s eyes at 1:11? Know he just got on Nitro…Stepchild, you mad bro?

  • DOPE?

    Arnt those these exact same parts as Dope 3 and Givin and Jibberish? Non the less its sick.

  • fired

    beanie over the hood is the new underwear over the pants

  • the majority of Sexton’s footage is already used in VG The Darkside too

  • dick poncho


  • hc


  • soft and chewy

    joe sexton makes my shred boner fully torqued every time.

  • Deku Tree

    See, instead of burning my shit at the end of the year like JP, I do this thing where I keep riding my 05 forum recon boots and lamar bindings from when I was 14 because I’m broke as fuck

  • Boardin!

    OMG Layne!

  • jeenyus

    e-man anderson is boss! wish he filmed more than he partied so we could see a little bit more.

  • Yamos

    Yeah, $$ eyes on Hobush’s eyes, real clever stephild. He was probably their closer too. Oh well, Ojo’s part and Smalls’ cameo were slayer.

  • SWAGdad Iraq

    PArty on, Al

  • Me

    Snowboarding is so dumb. JP Walker…now with fire!

  • yes.

    i don’t know the story behind it, but i feel like the dollar sign eyes thing is petty. Either show his footage or don’t show anything at all

  • boyd

    this was the intro song from AMP; i’m so glad someone decided it was time to use this again.

  • Oldtimer

    Good good, that ender was the balls! Best thing I,ve seen in years…I’ve seen a few of them.

  • Maine Snow?

    wow that was crazy

  • Cheesehorns4lyfe

    I know that Stepchild is into that whole “scumbag” thing. But those money signs in the intro were bushleague. No pun intended.

  • turdinghard

    holy motherfucking shit Layne fucking Treeter. part of the year. that was nuts. the whole movie was awesome. good stuff

  • Joel

    WAIT Hobush left stepchild? If he did thats dope. Link with proof would be awesome


    This video was sick but Stepchild is fucking wack. Keeping some of the dopest most hard working riders am for way too long so that they can line the pockets of JP and Simon. Can’t blame Hobush for jumping ship.

  • Cobra_Dawg

    JP Walker and Joe Sexton are some sick bros.

  • mont

    simon always looks so dirty, hahaha.

  • lane knaack

    joe sexton`s part was fire, e-man is the realness, jordan small will go places if he just gets the fuck out of big bear, that is all

  • dick

    What is Simon Chamberlain’s song?

  • harshzeach

    Since when did hobosh leave them? I just saw him a couple weeks ago at brighton on a step child.

  • yobeater

    stepchilds raw as fuck but they gotta start supporting there ams more those guys kill it way harder then there pros(simon and JP) and it sucks hobush left.

  • DOPE

    @yobeater – StepChild puts all their AMs in legit full length flicks like GIVIN where they are surrounded by Pro’s, not sure who else does that….

  • blow torch

    blow torch all the things

  • wumbo

    I haven’t seen dope III or given too so I’m going to just ignore this video til I watch those.

  • nwnick

    learned a few things from this video

    stathis is still steezy as fuck. jed who?

    jp should not be getting filmed anymore.

    im sick of seeing the same part in multiple movies. STOP IT!

    stepchild needs a new editor/music producer lol

    givin is running shit

    think snow melvins

  • $$

    Sweet dollar signs Stepchildish.

  • @Harshzeach/Joel – Proof in name-link
    Hobush prob got on nitro as soon as he got to Seymour. He was still riding with Stathis though, so just the editor/rep guys hatin. And yeah Lane, Jordan Small needs to get the fuck out of bear, he’s essentially Hobush but goofy.

  • .

    Some cool riders. know where there from…

  • hdj

    We laughed at the dollar signs in the teaser but you guys really beat a dead horse with them in this edit. Bitter and angry over nothing.

  • Yamos

    Jeff, what was Hobush’s response to all this?

  • free burberry

    Hate on JP all you want, but very few of you will be doing switch hardway back 3s onto dfd ledges at his age.

  • player

    $$ = weak

    only 7000 views for a team video…hmmm

  • steele

    Hobush with those dollar signs in his eyes… he knows he should be making some real money

  • LaurenLongfield

    this movie got my jaggon soooo wet! #leakyfaucet

  • Skwisgaar

    Was metals.
    Buts muted entires thing. JP ams dildos.

  • Rick

    Not taking anything away from JP and Simon, because they have left their mark on snowboarding history….Especially street video parts….But they need to let the young guys have their time in the spotlight. They have some of the dopest young rail riders around right now

  • billy

    @chainsaw vibrator
    32 have had Hobush as an AM for 4 seasons now – thats 3 more than stepchild,, you talking about them?

  • waitwut

    i bet VG/Givin/kidsknow is pissed that stepchild just leaked all of their footage before the holiday dvd rush….kinda wack stepchild.

  • Hobush

    Man’s gotta eat, haters gone hate

  • green

    actually they won’t be. companies sponsor movies for alot $$$, this entitles them to all the footage filmed of their guys by whatever production company. its part of the deal. know your shit before you comment. also, if they were pissed, they wouldn’t release their footage in the first place. so not really wack, and your getting to see some real fucking good snowboarding for free. its never good enough for you folks huh?

  • Heard Hobush parents didn’t want him riding for stepchild cause some weed affiliation and mormon faith. Would rather him ride on a team with 40 other ams??? Nitro?? Pretty lame fit-WTF!!!!

  • The Wisdom Whisperer

    Dillon Ojo is straight style, in my opinion he needs to go pro soon.