Signal’s Minnesota House – Episode 3


In Episode 3…Jake OE’s birthday, some ice fishing, some buzz catchin, some grillin, and some serious rail boardin. Brought to you by Signal Snowboards. 

  • Spencie

    That fish looks so good, and good boardin too

  • Chode

    Signals Minnesota house is in the projects of the Bronx. They have that red light on every day.

  • jp walker

  • yup


  • tro


  • minnesotan

    minnesota fuck yeah

  • Deku Tree

    So minnesota is exactly like canada except with cheap beer? That’s what i’ve learned today.

  • dickwad

    Jed was in that edit? hes on salomon not signal

  • Aleksie

    Gorilla Biscuits made this edit. I’m glad to see someone in snowboarding enjoys some good ol NYHC!

  • Jerm

    I got jake OE some highbacks for his b day

  • snowboard

    Minnesota supposed to be cold and half of it looked cold but the snowboarding part seemed warm for real though is it usually hot or cold in minnesota

  • T raw

    Ohhh yaaaa don’t cha know we all talk like dis up here in Minnesota. We talk like that as a joke but in real life we actually do sound like that

  • Skwisgaar

    Beers. Fishings. Ice.
    Nothings gets more metals.

  • MidwestistheBest


  • Minnesota

    Minneapolis just got 16″ of snow. The place to be.

  • jerms son

    they actually kinda have canadian accents or do canadians have midwestern accents