Hyland Laps with Bald E-Gal


South Dakota’s number one filmer, Tyler Hitchcock has teamed up with Bald E-Gal this season and is determined to bring back shaky filming. He says it’s cool, who are we to argue?

Riders: Justin Henigin, Justin Fronius and Clay Hatzenbuhler

  • Shibby shib

    Pretty horrid.

  • Jake da snake

    idk bout this one

  • Bacon

    Setup was money

  • Connor

    Bring back the ‘bet you can’t series’ this winter and do ‘back lip- pretzel’

  • That Guy

    Well….. at least the tricks are dope

  • Connor B.

    These guys don’t film as good as me am I right fellas??

  • wumbo

    I’m mad, the ender was a box trick…this screams rejected edit

  • Cobra_Dawg

    Clay is a dawg

  • Big Spikes

    Turf Commander killing it

  • barney

    that was some next level filming, hvx & extreme set up? roobs take notes.

  • Forrest

    destroyed that flat box!

  • rocks solid stiffy

    not feeling the win98/hi8 combo

  • well…

    if thats the number one filmer from south dakota i never want to see an edit from there

  • Probably the worst edit filming-wise ever.. Half of this shit is shot directly into the sun, you can’t even tell half the shit that there doing (back lips and hardways) and now my eyes are bleeding…….. Those tight pants were nice tho



  • MidwestistheBest

    Mad love for Bald Egal but that edit and filming was weak!

  • minnesotanice

    filmer needs to study Riley’s work. also to the people complaining about all the boxes, there was only one legit rail set up at opening, but now theres 3.

  • sketchy guy

    ^^^^^^ you calling that jank ass down single barrel legit?! ehh.

  • why are they singing about breakfast? Nobody ate breakfast in that whole video.

  • minnesotanice

    @sketchy guy, well considering that is more like some street rails, yeah. not every rail in the street is a perfect flat bar and I have never seen a double barrel rail anywhere. so yeah.

  • CherBoi

    Bald E-Gal needs to reconsider their new filmer. This was hard to watch

  • lurkin

    never summer board yea dude board on

  • soft and chewy

    filming was terrible. but that ender was probly the coolest trick ive seen all year on a box. but it was still on a box…

  • Fronius

    I had fun guys. Isn’t that all that matters??

  • J

    That song was shit. Really, really shit.

  • chad kroeger

    ehh i have fun diddling my taint but ya prolly wont see that on here

  • MidwestForLife

    Eff yeah. I enjoyed that, sick job with the edit Tyler. Those chad bro haters probably two plank anyways. You guys killed it.

  • Rick

    That edit was ass

  • Biitjo

    Too bad there was an earthquake for the whole duration of filming