Japanese Teen Beats all the Pros at Bejing Air and Style

16-year old Yuki Kadono (JPN) took home the victory in the Superfinal of the Oakley Shaun White Air & Style Beijing 2012, sticking a Backside Triple Cork 1440 Mute in the last run of the contest in front of more than 15,000 spectators at the Bird´s Nest Olympic Stadium. With 97.67 he prevailed over Peetu Piiroinen(FIN/2nd/93,33 Pts.), Stale Sandbech (NOR/3rd/92.00 Pts.) and Mathias Weissenbacher (AUT/4th/34.33 Pts.) in a highly dramatic finale.

Yuki Kadono: “I am very happy about today´s win. It is a great honor to be the first Asian Air & Style winner and the first rider to win an Air &Style with a Triple Cork. I have only stuck this trick once before and am always afraid before trying this very difficult trick, so it means all the more that I landed it today.”

Shaun White: “Tonight’s event was amazing, I was blown away to see the Chinese people show so much support for snowboarding. It is really inspiring. Yuki Kadono killed it tonight and he definitely deserved to win, congrats to all the riders for helping to support Oakley and Air & Style in China.”

1. Yuki Kadono
2. Peetu Piiroinen
3. Ståle Sandbech

Watch the replay on ESPN

More info: http://www.air-style.com/

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  1. jeenyus
    jeenyus says:

    that kid is 16? geez, what was i doing at 16? like FS 360s with a grab? I was pretty stoked on that at the time.

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