The Trick: Chicken Salad with Tim Eddy


How do you make a 4-minute long video of how to do a straight air? Network A has managed to do just that, thanks to the wit and charm of both Tim Eddy and Preston Strout. Speaking of Network A, how about that new Youtube look?



    DO U LYKE MAI CHI CHI CHI CHIN 8===========D~~~

  • Beetle juice

    Tim Eddie rules

  • Beetle juice


  • .

    Tim Eddy is the shit, this trick though, debatable

  • Cobra_Dawg

    Tim Eddy is a G

  • vaginasaurs will die

    that front 3 chicken salad was the coolest ever.

  • joey

    Great trick tip but unfortunately this is not a chicken salad grab, its a roast beef. Chicken salad is when you grab with your leading arm between your legs, not back arm. duhhhhhh

  • ill a noiz

    simple n steezin.

  • @Joey

    It is a chicken salad. Roast Beef is when you grab you heel edge between you bindings UNDERHAND ( like your wrist facing outwards). Chicken Salad is the same when you grab overhand in the same spot. Makes it easier to tweak out and give it more style

  • joey
  • Debaser

    ya tweaking and style br0

  • th

    @joey: never trust what you see on wikipedia…anyone can post things there. I will take what tim eddy says over that any day.

  • @joey

    wiki has it wrong. sorry joey. chicken salad is back hand wrist twisted. always has been

  • Your Mom

    So then what grab is the leading hand through the legs to the heel edge? and no, its not Taipan.
    Taipan is leading hand through the legs to the toe edge. and Canadian Bacon is the same but with the back hand.

  • toki

    Yous sounds likes you are arguing overs grandpas guitars!

  • Jrad

    thanks tim and preston learned it today

  • ayyoo Tim!

    get back to alpine B!

  • Dr. Smartass

    Not to be a smartass Timmy, but you can only pronate your arm 90 degrees. Nice moves though.

  • Sauce

    -Your Mom. Sounds like you are describing a Roast Beef.