Mont du Laps #1


If you’re into aggressive fisheye pans, good snowboarding, and ghetto rap, we think you’re going to enjoy the videos coming out of Eastern Canada Wisconisin this snowboard season.

Get freak nasty with Dan Spooner, James Olson, Jackson Brown, Tony Marchetti, Danny Kiolbasa, Alex Colorito & Hunter Gulan.

Film/Edit–Hunter Gulan

  • minnesotanice

    Attn Admin, this is the Midwest not “Eastern Canada”

    • @minnesotanice. Noted. it sounded french and googling things is hard. Would explain why the riders weren’t Quebexicans though.

  • ice coast

    whoop whoop

  • GetWyld

    This entire edit was stock tricks on a 10 ft down bar, why was this featured?

  • Satan

    10ft down bar? Everything in this edit is 16ft or more. I know because I’ve set and reset every feature they have multiple times. Also, this is from the first few days of being open….so, naturally, not much was set up. Maybe you should check out last year’s edits and get yourself acquainted with the kinds of setups we had.

  • minnesotanice

    @admin no harm, no foul.



  • yup


  • Chode

    Mont Du Laps is literally the shit. It’s like being Oprahs asshole.

  • Duluthmane

    You boys are killin it wit all tha snows. Keep it up Du Lac!
    Go DAMAGE!

  • GUCCi

    Mont Du Laps is the new Yawgoons

  • Dont hate, participate

    Wah wah, its only on a 10 ft down bar….quit your hating and go have some fun you salty grump. These kids still have fun on their boards, maybe you should try the same. Be a Joey you Chad.

  • Tony Danza

    Whats with this “lets find the most obscure, shitty party footage and put it in everything” trend?
    I’m not sure if I back it

  • I’m Beat

    i only get hyped by rappers in Aaron Brooks jerseys.

  • best shot was of the player

  • Coloritoooo got that mad longboarder steeeze

  • GetWyld

    I wasnt hating on the set up i was just commenting on the need to film it. kinda takes away from the fun of taking laps and just messing around on the early season features i think

  • IceCoast

    GetWyld never has fun on his snowboard. Ride with him all the time and never seen him unhappy once while strapped in. Since when did hate comments become unpopular? This is fucking yobeat ya softies.