Thursday Mini Movie

We’re making our own movie again. This time it’s a couple foreigners and an American you’ve probably never heard of.

To start things off, you may remember Nate Cordero from the Ugly Kidz Co entry in the Crew Clash last year, but if not, whatever.

This one was actually already in a full movie, called Pretty Wise, and Rusty is one badass Canadian. We’re down.

Finally, if you watched Catscratch, you’ve already seen this part from Wessel Van Lierop, but today, we’re giving him ender!

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  1. Cappitano
    Cappitano says:

    Nate kills it so hard and was putting out unheard of street parts years ago when he still lived back here in PA. Underrated and on the rise, keep an eye on him and Yoder believe it

  2. da LUNIZ
    da LUNIZ says:

    Nate and Rusty so much steeze in their own way.

    Not hating on Wessel kid looks like he has fun, but personally that whole part was generic as fuck, music, trick choice but what ever.

    PS. KC kyle is a fucking nort

  3. Dont hate, participate
    Dont hate, participate says:

    Nate…SICK!!! Rusty….even better, but Wessel on the ender? If you read this before you watch, make sure to watch Wessel first to avoid over excitement for an ender that was pretty stock.

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