Whitey Goes Viral

If you were born after 1990, there’s a chance you’ve never heard the name Whitey McConnaughy mentioned in snowboarding, and that’s a damn shame. He is the brains behind Kingpin productions, who brought the world such gems as Destroyer, and was the precursor to Neoproto (which you might not know about if you were born post 1995.) Anyway, long story short, Whitey makes music videos now, such as this epic one for Superchunk.

Last week, some Internet thieves stole the footage and put it to smack my bitch up, and apparently cats + shitty Euro pop = INTERNET GOLD. That shit was on the fast track to viral internet success and Huffington Post even got in on the action.

Oh, but no one bothered to mention the fact that this was actually a Superchunk video, because, we’ll this is the Internet and if something’s more than two days old, no one remembers anyway, right? AV club cares though (and so do we) so they outed the video, and Whitey personally informed the Huffington Post how bad they were at their jobs. So remember kids, credit your sources and let everyone share the joy of “going viral.”

Links: Huffington post and AV Club

  • Right before I clicked this I watched a video about how they are teaching rescued dogs to drive for some TV special in New Zealand. Lots of animals driving on the internet.

  • And since I know you’re asking, here:

  • JermIsMyHomeboy

    Is this some sort of meta-viral marketing scheme?

  • poopsticks

    Happy Hour is the first snowboard video I ever bought. Still one of my favorite.