VG Goes to Bear


Two Bear Mountain edits in one day!? Why the hell not.

Featuring: Scott Stevens, Joe Sexton, LNP, Darrell Mathes, Chris Grenier and Sam Taxwood.

  • wumbo

    why can’t Canada have nice things like this

  • rocks solid stiffy

    where the fuck did that workout footage… hot stuff

  • Grendy with only one shot….. Darrell Mathes riding a stepchild? …strange times my internet friends, strange times.

  • soft and chewy

    joe sexton and scott stevens are rediculous

  • Jake da snake


  • AP583

    Scotty Steves lookin like a damn ballerina out there

  • merica

    Johnny on niche? ahhhh the internet videos have gone mad

  • fags

    You guys really do spend more time on catching whats on someone’s base or their outerwear. The definition of snowboard fag….who cares it will be different next month….

  • hubbs

    Lnp has some proper stylo

  • philthy

    scott stevens can do no wrong, I would watch an edit full of him taking shits.

  • HoldenCaulfield

    Sexton, Grendy, Stevens…can’t get any better than that. And that edit is only from a half run that’s open at Bear right now, good shit for the lack there of. Now can we ALL please get some fuckin’ snow already!! Sans Pacific North West…those bastards have been getting it good!

  • chadmo

    god damn stevens is a beast

  • Rick

    That ender was dope

  • player

    STAXXXX with VG!

  • b

    scott stevens filming with vg this year. thank you god