K2’s Our Backyard: Chapter 2


Seriously, it rains all the time at Mt. Baker. These are all camera tricks. Also, stay out of the backcountry, it takes a solid 30 minutes to hike to, and who has that kind of time?

  • Bakers dozen

    Baker does suck. Its gray all the time and the snow is heavy and wet. NEVER COME HERE OUTSIDERS!

  • :O

    you gotta be baked to wanna go to baker. ha. ha. ha


    Seriously all you weekend warriors that come here from elsewhere…You look like idiots with your gopro on top of your helmet! #gapers go home! It snowed 30″ this weekend and you side slipping, pizza wedging douches ruined the mountain. Thank god Mother Nature hit the reset button for Monday. Seriously at this snowfall rate one of you idiots, canadian or otherwise is going to end it upside down with their helmet cam filming their demise. Be careful, there are tree wells, creek beds and pissed off locals. GO AWAY!

  • splash log

    I’m from bc and I go to baker a few times a year cause its amazing. Real fuckin snowboarding. Despite all the elitism and douchism on the message boards, everyone at baker is super nice. Don’t understand all the gaper hate online. They support your mountain and aren’t good enough to ride what you ride anyway so relax.

  • MM

    im from baker and I shred your mom vagina harder than all of you

  • Baker Sucks

    To the “weekend warriors” (aka the mericans and canadians who have to work to support their hobbies) out there please listen to Ever Bummer and never come to Baker. The seemingly bottomless snow, depression inducing clouds and locals who would rather throw you in a tree well than play tour guide to Baker virgins make for a miserable experience.

  • GetWyld

    @EVER BUMMER how can you be pissed with 30″ of fresh snow? as an east coaster this concept makes no sense to me. If it snowed 30″ here tomorrow no amount of gapers in jeans would be able to wipe the smile off my face

  • Canadian

    Baker locals all take it in the ass and cant ride their own mountain

  • Canadian

    especially EVER BUMMER


    80″ in 7 days, most of which fell on the weekdays is enough to reset the weekend warriors moguls. I hereby invite all Canadians, Side slippers, pizza wedgers and otherwise gapers to come and get sick go pro shots. All you poseurs don’t own a beacon and don’t go past the rope line to the goods so cmon up. Just be careful driving down. Apparently you can’t keep your cars on the road because you’re too busy checking your go pro edit whilst driving. Stay outta the ditch we don’t have guardrails on the way to this ski area.


    Baker sucks because their park is buried…Go to snowcrummy or Stevens if you want to be a park rat