Hump Day Goes After Hours with Riley Nickerson

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Up close and personal. Photo: Ian Post

Riley Nickerson is a cold blooded east coaster with a knack for partying hard and shredding even harder. Traveling across the country in search for the right film spots, Riley is letting his east coast roots shine no matter where he rides. I caught up with Riley while he was driving from Salt Lake to Denver. The service sucked and I dropped his call twice. We got it dialed eventually.

I’m glad I caught you man, I understand you’re on the road right now. What’s the plan? Where you heading? 

I’m driving through the desert right now with Ian post, John Murphy and mister Yale Cousino a.k.a Ryan Cousino. We are on our way to Breckenridge and we are going to board at Copper for few days, I think. Film an After Hours edit, and I’m also working on an edit for Hoboshredwear with Colin Walters.

Where do you call home right now?

I am currently living, I would have to say… on the road, (laughing) just couch surfing. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last 10 months. Recently, Me, Ian, John, and Yale rode Boreal for like a week and half, made an edit there. Then, it started raining, and basically the 10 day forecast was rain, so we left and came to Salt Lake. We filmed at Brighton for two days to make a Brighton edit, haven’t made that yet. We also filmed at the Bone Zone, and we are going to contribute our stuff from that to the Bone Zone movie.


Where are you guys going after Colorado?

I plan to film with Ian Post as much as we can for another After Hours movie. That is pretty much everybody’s plan that I am with right now. We are trying to go about in the same way we did last year, driving around, checking out new spots, and looking for where the snow is at and shit. After Colorado, we are heading straight to Vermont for Rails to Riches. We’ll probably get there Friday, crash there on Friday night, do Rails to Riches, and then probably go up to Quebec after that to try and get some street shots so I can have couple under my belt for the season. I’m also going to hang out with my family for Christmas. I haven’t seen them in 10 months so I’m excited about that.

Any trouble with the cops yet along the way?

The what?

The cops.

COPS!? Fuck no! Cops don’t like us, we don’t like them. They are afraid of us. Nahhh. No cops haha

Fuck the Police. Photo: Erik Hoffman

What is your process when filming with After Hours?

We drive around a lot to check shit out. Sometimes we know about spots, and sometimes we are just searching. We go to a spot, set it up as fast as we can, but always have a good time. We are never trying to make this not fun because we started snowboarding to have a good time and … we are not trying to change that.

Do you kick it with the Gremlinz?

Yup … those guys are the absolute shit. GBP is awesome. So many people talk shit and it’s bogus. They got a sick-ass bus that they are going to convert to run on veggie oil. They got it going on because they are just having fun. I don’t know why, but I guess some people can’t find anything better to do than hate on it. Plus there are so many kids that just go on websites and hate on videos, it’s so lame.

How did you get linked in with Rome?

I started getting boards through Rome from Ron Faverty a couple years ago. I used to ride for the Vermont Burton rep but that ended, and then for the last couple years, I have kept my relationship up with those guys and they have been the shit.

How many rails can you count? Photo: Christopher Baldwin

Have you filmed with the Rome dudes yet this year?

At Mammoth opening weekend, I took a few runs with Ozzie and Jonah and chilled with Ron in the fucking lodge for a good solid hour. Didn’t film with them though, just shredding. My plan is to film with After Hours and GBP.

With all the After Hours filming it sound like you’ve been on it pretty hard though.

I’m trying man, so far it’s going way better than last winter. Last winter, I was in Vermont and didn’t even start snowboarding until November. This year, I was at Windells all summer, then went to Tahoe because the mountains all open so early. I can just keep boarding from there.

Scrolling through this photo is like controlling your own slow-mo. Photo: Christopher Baldwin.

What made you finally leave Vermont?

I casually started leaving Vermont over time. I’d be leaving to go to Quebec or somewhere else. Then, when I was 18, right after high school I moved out to Tahoe and got a house with all the Gremlinz guys. That was my first time leaving Vermont. and then I just kept leaving for a little a bit at time, and then it just was more and more time spent away as the years went on.

Did you go to a snowboard academy?

No, I went to Stowe public school, but I grew up in Massachusetts until I was 13. I used to be a weekend warrior, haha, I rode at Ski Bradford man. You know, like a 600 foot tall piece of shit hill with a rope tow, but it always had this short bus on the hill with this crazy jump plowed up to it.

Big ol’ back lip. Photo: Christopher Baldwin.

Masshole baby, I think the bus jump was a standard at all Massachusetts resorts.

Ya, I also rode at Wachusett. I went there a few times. but I mainly drove up to Vermont to go to Stowe with my dad and then my parents moved there when I was in high school.

First time boarding?

Ya, it was a shitty piece of plastic with no edges and it had these huge plastic grooves on the bottom of this board that was like 2 inches thick. My dad took me to the top of Wachusett and it basically took me all day to get down.

I was told to ask you about a story regarding a couple old ladies and a blow up doll on Mount Mansfield?

Ya, I don’t know how you found about about that, but that is 100% true. I was with Hans Mindnich, my friend Conner and my friend Keenan Cawley. We hiked up Mt. Mansfield one day and when we got to the top, there is an access road at the top called Toll Road, where you have to pay some money or whatever. There is a parking lot at the top and we got up there around 5:00, and there is one car in the parking lot. In the high corner of the parking lot, there was a black blow-up doll with a boner and a rick james mustached black face on it. None of us could believe it, but it was fucking there. So we walked up to it and as we got closer, we heard some rustling in the bushes behind a porta potty. Then we just notice these four full grown woman hiding there, one of them with a bottle of wine. So we called them out and continued on with our hike, and that’s the truth.

My god, that is ridiculous. I don’t know what else to say. Shout outs?

All my sponsors, Rome, Gnarley, Arnette, Celtek, Hoboshredwear, and Rhythm Liven. All my friends, the family, the Gremlinz, GBP, Johnny Lazz, Zander Blackmon, keep the change crew. Ian, John and Yale, even though I’m with them right now. Everybody.

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