Lick the Cat Episode 1


Pretty sure the only reason Lick the Cat is making videos is to get more instagram followers so follow them @lickthecat

featuring deadlung, ben bilodeau, griffin siebert, blake paul, spencer schubert, sam taxwood, michael wick, merrick joyce, sage kotsenburg, blaze kotsenburg, zak hale, jordan morse, jordan tramp, alex sherman, alex rodway, alex lopez, billy wandling, nick julius, jeremy thompson, mac spedale, matty mo, andrew aldridge, cam fitzpatrick, cody lee, and evan drage.

film/edit: jeremy thornburg

  • is anyone else

    getting tired of bad layback/tripods?

  • jeenyus

    I didn’t realize that East Side Boyz song was soooo long.

  • Walter

    wiggle wit it

  • do weed every day

    where was the lick the cat flavor I watch these edits for?
    Scrillie’s line was the fucking shit

  • Tre Squad


  • G

    stopping after every feature: check
    shirts off: check
    saying NOICE: check
    not caring/being super cool: check

    that was a really original edit out of PC

  • rocks solid stiffy

    whatever. looked fun

  • lester


  • cavedweller

    does g siebs see that kid skiing by while he did that? pedofile charge 😉

  • plkallday

    did a kkk member just do a backlip to nollie tail 270?

  • wade thomas

    dam nigas crayz

  • Poon Slayer

    Everything LTC use to be sick for has been replaced by, trying to be serious filming, and bad editing. Bring back the dad cam, trains, and funny stuff. Bilodeaus line was boss tho.

  • Zoid

    Ben is the muthafuckin truth.

  • Chode

    Jerma never licked a cat before in his life, just my chode.

  • Chode

    Jerm has never licked a cat before in his life, just my chode.

  • i like this better

    I am so glad you guys are wasting your time jibbing while I’m getting neck deep pow in the N.W.
    Maybe the snow guns will blow you a new feature for tomorrow? For now I’ll stick to mother nature.
    Kids you’re fucking blowing it. Get outta PC and up to the Bird or something WACK!

  • hmmmmm

    i like this one better

  • hmmmm

    i like lick the cat vol 1 from last year better, but bilodeaus carve at 4:59 is fucked up

  • you mother fucker



    I can’t believe this crap is on TWSNOW


    Snowbird is the same snow conditions now as pc, who gives a fuck if theyre jibbing doing what they want

  • weinerhouse

    I feel like if I was rich and mommy and daddy paid for me to snowboard every day I would be better than michael wick… just throwing that out there..

  • sluicebox

    sluicebox on December 3rd, 2012 at 3:31 pm:

    those hand drag layback shits are getting real old real fast

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    is anyone else on December 4th, 2012 at 8:52 am:

    getting tired of bad layback/tripods?

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    apparently trends only last 17 hours now

  • Did KC KYLE Change his name to UTARTED?

  • yo

    This dude bigjerm dad cams a 6000 dollar camera. If you are going to drop the big bucks on a big cam cam, Atleast film a decent edit first. Jeez.

  • Holy Shit

    Cody Lee back 270 to fakie


    Park City is for rich kids. Brighton is where its at

  • Chad Kroeger

    noice is played out. i remember kids saying that shit like 5 years ago. every layback and tripod sucked. but what do i know, i get payed to make awesome rock music

  • ChadKroeger

    although that dern seth kochensberg kids whirley bird 9000 was sick