How to Heat Mold Your Boots at Home

If you’ve gotten out there this season already and realized, hey, these goddamn boots hurt my feet, our friends at Nike Snowboarding have the answer. No, it’s not buying $400 Nike boots! It’s heat molding. Chances are unless you’re riding five-year-old boots, your liners are heat moldable. And assuming you’re too lazy to take them to your local shop, here’s the tech for doing it at home.

Step 1: Fill a snowboard sock with uncooked rice and tie it off at the top, then microwave it for 2 minutes on high heat. (DO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR ACTUAL LINERS)

Step 2: Remove the footbeds from the boot and slide the warm sock filled with rice into the boot for 10 minutes,
making sure the sock is pushed all the way to the toe box of the boot. (If there is too much rice in the boot it might be hard to get it way into the toe box, adjust as necessary.)

Step 3: Remove the sock, put the footbeds back in, then lace the boots up on your feet and stand/walk around the house for 15 minutes.

Voila – a custom fit will be achieved!

Via Nike Snowboarding on Facebook

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  1. JermIsMyHomeboy
    JermIsMyHomeboy says:

    Don’t most liners react to your body heat as well? I mean it may take a little bit longer, but it is even easier and then it molds to your foot while riding, rather than standing around.

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