Bruners Opening Week


Obviously Quebec has some of the best street boarding around, but did you know they also have ski resorts? Well, they do and Mont St-Bruno is OPEN.

Featuring Bruners L-P Dorval, Dillon Ojo, Nathan Fleury, and cameos from Zach Aller, Alex Beaucage, Phil Tardif, Nic St-Pierre

  • Pirate

    Boring opening week.

  • that shit was sick! ^^you must be a butt pirate

  • JROC

    i see a bright future for one of those kids…for…some…odd..reason

  • .

    0:21 is that you chris??

  • LP!

  • poop balls

    black kid

  • anothercanadian

    I’m like an average snowboarder, and I’m pretty sure I’ve already done majority of these tricks on the same type of feature this season. just one that fact alone. I’m not impressed.