Stevens and Sexton Lap Bear


Scott Stevens and Joe Sexton lapping Bear. We figure that’ll get a click right there, but if not, it also features cameos from Scott Vine, Darrell Mathes, and Laurent-Nicolas Paquin! OMG!

  • Forrest

    the best

  • poop balls

    i had fun watching that no homo.. ps scott stevens aka king of mj’s kills it

  • The Devil

    Darrell Mathes on StepChild!?

  • mdot

    that is what gets me pumped to board

  • rocks solid stiffy

    Amazing minus the terrible slomos

  • Yummy

    Bang Bang

  • troy mcclure

    those were the worst ramped slow mo’s ive ever seen

  • zaius

    Scottys a legend but buttering is wack

  • Biitjo

    I like Joe’s bs1s in. Full 180 in the air with nice pop.

  • Where are all the comments!!?? These guys are killing it!

  • wade thomas

    sexton is so proper

  • Cuentyn

    To much spinning sexton, shit~

  • Filthy.