Under Review: Burton 13

The new Burton flick finally arrived! With the promise of, “An iconic year.” on the cover, my heart began to pound. Would Shaun White blow my face back? Would someone do something that didn’t exist yesterday? My mind raced with anticipation. Then, after 44 minutes it was all over. I learned Burton is still spending big bucks on their riders (good). Their team is a mix of extremely old and new (but Forum veterans are about to fix that). And, it apparently wasn’t such an iconic year for women…

The intro feels like a night in a hectic European club. But soon, Mikkel Bang starts the show with back and switchback 180s on jumps the size of midwestern ski resorts. Then he jumps more, and does the mandatory double flip. There’s also a section showcasing Mikkel’s new fetish for launching into trees, and I think it might be yours once you see it.

Jump porn! If massive tabletops and ultra poppy lips are your thing, this section of Euro jump machines is your wet dream. If not, Mark McMorris shows up for a second and spins and flips more than the Videograss and Technine guys combined.

Terje is still filming fluid, elegant lines in impossible to reach locations. But, his new riding buddy John Jackson is bringing some aggression to his peaceful wonderland. These two coupled up to make a part that is truly worth watching. Check it out on Youtube or something.

Welp, from jumps to mountains and now rail town. Ethan Deiss and Zak Hale are put on display so everyone will remember Burton makes jib boards too. Ethan’s 5050 drop-gap to front board will make you flinch, but also make you burn out your dvd player. Zak does rad stuff too.

Now we travel to the wildest pipe ever. It’s basically a slopestyle course built around a pipe. It’s only for amazing pipe riders. People like me who struggle to get out of 18 foot walls would just die. Most of you would for sure get hung up and crushed to death. Seriously though, it could have been shot way better.

Yep, more movie left. Yeesh, this is long. Anyway, Mark Sollors is up next. There’s a rad Twin Shadow song and the part is rad overall. Reminds me of the old days when being well rounded mattered. Mark is Burton’s future hero.

Jussi Oksanen. Do kids even know how incredible this dude is?

Jeremey Jones. Man, TRJJ still has some tricks up his sleeve. I don’t care about his wallrides and shit, but there’s a gap-plant rewind type situation that is super fucked up. I can’t wait to see the crash videos of kids trying to replicate it later this winter.

Finally, the ender. Is it Shaun? Nope. Duh. It’s Mikey Rencz. It’s nice to see Burton finally give this kid some serious love. After years and years of paying him to do whatever he wanted in the BC backcountry, Mikey puts what he learned on display. Adding up to what seemed like it’s own video of jumps into deep powder landings.

Overall, I would have cut this video way down. There are some serious heros in this thing, a total lack of Shaun White and no women what so ever. Is this a negative review? Nope. There are heroic moments in this flick. There are true legends doing what they do best in this flick. I’d watch it if I were you, because you’ll definitely learn something.

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  1. Thommooney
    Thommooney says:

    The flick is rad with an awesome soundtrack. I was really glad to see no Blanco. Although he is and will always be among the best park riders ever it is nice to see the rest of the team without him in the movie.

    I would have liked to see some of the female riders ripping. Women’s flick this Year? Where can I see what the Ladies’ Team has to offer? Totally worth watching.

  2. Mustache
    Mustache says:

    I WANT to see senor blanco/rojo film a real part so we can see what he’s got. I’d give him some respect if he could make tricks look good, (not grabbing stalefish with frontside spins in zebra pants.)

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