The Great Salomon/Bonfire Bus Caper

Perhaps you saw earlier on the Salomon Snowboards Instagram, but some vandals ACTUALLY stole the Salomon/Bonfire Team Vacation bus from Northeast Portland last night. To help recover it, Salomon issued this ABP.

Drive it like you stole it. #becauseyouactuallystoleourRV #notcool #timmyshredheadstikesagain #ahondaAccordprobablywouldbelessnoticeable #stolen


The proper authorities were also notified and the bus was recovered an hour and forty minutes out of Portland on November 30th, 2012. Our sources report it was, “full of poop.” It had also been stripped of everything inside and it looks like it may very well be curtains for Team Vacation. At least we’ll all have the video memories, right?

  • Rick


  • Cobra_Dawg

    It’s good that they found it though

  • dick poncho

    rumor has it, jed took it and tried to turn it into a DWD team bus

  • A

    When people break into houses, they get so amped they poop. I bet that’s what’s up here. Don’t take it personal!

  • dlowk

    IT burned!

  • probably got used as the worlds biggest soup kitchen. i wouldnt touch anything inside there now.

  • sluicebox

    solution: commandeer the greasebus