Thursdays at the Office: MapleXO


Brooke finally figured that Intern is actually not really Justin’s name and maybe, just maybe, he’s worth keeping around. To thank her for the promotion, Justin heads to MapleXO to pick up some handmade jewelry made out of recycled skateboards, but things don’t go quite as he planned.

  • Charels Darwin

    Just stop, please.

  • unicorn_tears

    Lindsay Lohan

  • i thought i saw you fools by the portland police department building the other day

  • Lame

    Keep it up, thursdays at the office are terribly good.

  • chyll

    Justin is genuinely funny


    This guy looks perpetually lit

  • a

    acting is pretty hard, you guys are getting better!

  • I just wanna know

    What was the point in that?

  • Cobra_Dawg

    I love how he parties after he gets promoted. Champagne, and a chair.

  • JP Walker

    Didn’t Intern get promoted, like, two weeks ago?

  • Cornholio

    I knew NBC was going to shit…

  • Cobra_Dawg

    Justin attempts to “buy” Brooke some jewelry.

  • Luke

    Looks like Darrell got some law enforcement training from Officer Leblanc.

  • #thisisnotchicken

    This is not even chicken. #fucktandorihashbrowns

  • you should have used officer le blanc.

  • @#Thisisnotchicken

    Keep your hashtags on twitter, bitch

  • Dylan

    Justin was a substitute teacher at my high school for about three months.

  • Adam

    Need longer vids man

  • paco

    is that what darrell is doing now that he is off ride?

  • ooze

    When Darrell arrived I was fully expecting to see this turn into a porn movie.

  • Becks

    More medals, more medals!