Pow and Chow: Franksgiving!


If you’re looking for a good, real life example of someone who is snowboarding without irony, look no further than Tim Eddy. Here he shows you how to make one delicious hot dog (watch out Cobra Dogs!) and then gives some much deserved thanks to snowboarding!

  • baby sniffer

    fuck gopro audio

  • mysterydick

    ha i chuckled

  • Larry Hoover

    The Boss!

  • kittenpuncher

    Tim Eddy is the man and he sounds like Will Ferrell which is rad.

  • Cobra_Dawg

    He’s cool

  • turkeysaysmoo

    today we give franks for tim eddy

  • #thisisnotchicken

    today tom ate a hamster

  • LA

    Fuck yea, stay wild Tim Eddy