California MIGHT Get a Million Inches of Snow

People who live in California seem really excited right now. The Weather Channel is listing the status of the US Snowfall record as “in Jeopardy” cause Mt. Shasta might get over 200 inches of snow in one storm (or it might rain.) And TGR has already made up a really long hashtag to celebrate the possibility that it might snow a bunch in Tahoe too (or it might rain.) Basically, this is a lot like the Powerball drawing last night and everyone was talking about that, so we figured we should post about this. Get (over) hyped!

  • a

    TGR forums are insane. Definitely some raoul nett shit there.

  • SMoneyG

    its definitely fucking raining here. might snow tonight but then its gonna rain tomorrow too when it warms up. its the definition of a dicktease.

  • BlackWeatherManOnFamilyGuy