Erik Botner FULL PART


Erik Botner’s part from Hypermountain has a little bit of everything — cheese wedges, street stuff, and park riding. If that’s not actually a full part, we don’t know what is.

  • Cobra_Dawg

    This is why we need more riders to ride everything… It’s so good

  • song cred?

    ya who?

  • this guy goes so fucking fast. hell yeah hahaha

  • @song cred?

    you gotta get shazam, then you don’t have to ask. but in case you don’t have the means of doing that, it’s la sera- devil hearts grow old.

  • emefdewm

    This guy is amazing! apart from 2:53…. gross

  • nw4life

    Well rounded, Reminds me of what makes a good snowboarder not some person that only emulates skating.

  • @nw4life

    I was thinking hte same thing, like so many bangers why put in such a bad clip

  • Walter

    he seemed aggressive to me

  • Jesus

    zeach through the kink, this kid is unstop-able

  • Mustache

    Hypermountain kills it in every way possible.

  • Boner Jamz

    am i the only one that has no idea if this guy is goofy or reg?