Andrew Geeves Talks Dope on Hump Day

Andrew Geeves’ signature snowboarding style matches his personality: loose and wild with a lot of character. He has strong values regarding snowboarding, and no intention of selling out or changing who he is. His approach might be unconventional but he has passion and energy to fuel his natural talent. He’s super entertaining both on and off the snow, plus he taught me how to snowboard. He’s pretty great.

I’ll just start with the big question… After a 5-year relationship with DC, why the mid season switch back to DWD this year?

7 years I think. Fuck. I got let go, kicked off, the boot, whatever you wanna call it. Canned.

Did they say why?

Yea but I don’t wanna get in to it cause there’s two sides to this story and I don’t think I should be talking about any of it. Sorry. Well fuck, I got a paper a while ago from DC I had to sign but I never did, probably said something like don’t badmouth or trashtalk our shit you know…

Fast (plant) and loose. Photo: Travis Williams

Alright, would it be safe to assume possibly that your image and attitude regarding snowboarding is a bit too much for the safe, wholesome image DC is trying to sell to 8-year-old kids these days?

Hahaha yea… for sure.

You told me a little while ago that you thought Dope was going to “save snowboarding.” How are you guys doing that?

Hahaha was I wasted when I said that?! That’s epic! Fuck yeah. Brockle just keeps it raw. The whole crew does, it’s sick. They just love boardin on whatever, it’s cool. I like the whole party image too. It’s what I grew up on. I watched Wildcats videos everyday. I just think snowboarding’s gotten soft and Dope keeps it raw and sick the way it’s meant to be.

Insta gold! photo: E-man

Yeah, I’ve seen you guys in action. You go about filming way differently than any other crew I’ve seen. How is filming with them now compared to Standard and Sandbox in the past?

A lot different… We always got booze and weed goin at the sessions which I think is a good motivator. Get your shit done so you can party with your homies after. We all like to have a good time.

Plus you go to spots with like 20 people

Haha yeah that too! I remember goin on trips with Sandbox and it was like 3-4 rider crews. Dope is open to the public.

How did you get into backcountry coming from the prairies of Canada?

Once I got outta WPG and got here I realized there was so much more to riding… I could barely turn. So that opened up my eyes to a whole new world of epicness. I bought a sled and my parents bought a house in Bralorne so I moved up there. Stayed a winter and learnt a bit, went a little crazy and came back. Sorry I’m so baked. Is this all good? Am I doing ok?

We’re not sure if this was on purpose or not. Photo: Travis Williams

Yeah you’re good… so you went from living in a 1 bedroom apartment in Whistler with like, 5 other dudes, to all by yourself in Bralorne. How was that, and since no one reading this will know what Balorne is, can you describe it?

Bralorne is a small mining town just north of Pemberton with a population of 65 or something. Its an hour snowmobile ride over the hurley in the winter or a 2 hour drive to Lilloet then another 2 hours down “highway 40” which is a sketchy fuckin road with death drops the whole way. It’s insane. It’s really secluded in the mountains. Super sick backcountry zones and you can sled to your front door. No cops. Pretty much the best place in the world, and yeah I went crazy there. I was just so young living alone so far away from friends and family. It got kinda rough sometimes. It didn’t help when my ex dumped me on Christmas. Fuckin bitch. I was 19 though, I don’t think any 19 year old should be alone for that long.

True. What are your plans for this winter? Will you just film around Whistler again or do you have plans to travel? Have you ever thought about trying to break more into the American snowboard scene like fellow manitoban Jake Kuzyk?

I donno how to I guess. I mean maybe if I kept jibbin I would have but I don’t know. I just don’t see the point in traveling anywhere when I got sick backcountry terrain right beside me. As far as jibbing goes, I’m not gonna waste any money doing something I don’t really care about. I’d rather use what money I have on sled gas.

Guess it worked out. photo: Travis Williams

Will Erin be dropping you and your sled off at zones again this winter or did you get your license yet?

Hahaha! Nope I just got my license 2 days ago! She’s so stoked. I have to drive her everywhere now though. I don’t mind it though she deserves it. She’s hooked me up so many times with driving me and picking me up. People made fun of me but they’re just jealous. I donno too many chicks that would drive their boyfriend from Pemberton to Brandywine at 6am to go sledding. Or wherever I had to go.

Yeah you’re a lucky guy. You and Erin both have face tats, hey? What’s with all the ink in recent years? Any plans for more face ones?

Yeah we both got some. She just got her first one. I don’t know. Kinda crazy I guess. I just like tattoos really. I kinda wanna die an art piece. Kinda weird and creepy, I know. I think it would be sick though.

Do you have any particularly fond memories from your days of being a corn-row sporting, grill wearing, 16 year old celebrity in Whistler?

Fuck yeah. Dating Peak Season’s Amanda Schellar. Good times. I was such a little fucker. I’m embarrassed when I look back, to be honest. I have come a long way since then.

Yeah you’re all grown up. Are you excited to be back on DWD? Big plans for this upcoming winter?

I’m hyped to be back on DWD. They have always had my back. I plan on filming with whoever I can get out with, get all my shots together hopefully and give them to Dope.

The greatest snowboard photo ever taken?

What are you doing for outerwear?

Mikey’s old Burton gear. I’m stoked. Finally something that fits me. It’s hard being 6’3.

Forum was your first sponsor when you were like, 12, right? How do you feel about hem being over?

It hurts me a lot but to be honest I feel like Forum was done a long time ago. I mean the whole vibe and spirit you know. Pretty much when Burton bought ’em and Fourstar was no longer. Forum, Blend, and Foursquare were all my favorite companies when I was a kid.

The other day your status on Facebook read something like “Snowboarding has become wack” can you elaborate on that?

Yeah let me rephrase that. Snowboarding is sick, everything else about snowboarding has gotten lame. Same with skating too. Street league and shit. Skateboarding is on tv… wtf. Snowboarding too, but skateboarding?? The snowboard x games street parts…. good job dudes, now the whole world knows you’re jumping off roofs and sliding rails. Gonna start caping rails and getting kicked out faster. I donno I just think it’s so commercialized or whatever you wanna call it. Wack, gay, lame, shitty. I love snowboarding more than ever but I don’t like what comes with it you know. I know people that rip, tear it up, and don’t make a dime, rip harder than a lot of pros.

Logan Haubrich?

Haha yeah exactly. And then you got buddy there sucking his dick to the top with half the skills. Just cause he can write a good e-mail. It’s fucked up. We wanna progress snowboarding not sucking dick. I don’t wanna sound like a negative nancy, I love snowboarding and I always will. I will always shred with or without sponsors.

More insta gold.

You’re a pretty experienced partier, wanna end this with a memorable story?

Party stories… I got lots of em. Lots of x-rated ones that I should never share with the public… One time when I was 17 or 18 I went on a 3 day bender before the U.S. open. No sleep or nothin, was insane. Came 3rd in my heat, then I slept, lost my passport and ended up coming 3rd last in the whole event. I had to get a letter of facilitation to get back in to Canada. It sucked. I hate contests. I think that was the last big one I did.

Aha thanks that’s perfect.

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  1. dirkmcgurk
    dirkmcgurk says:

    “And then you got buddy there sucking his dick to the top with half the skills. Just cause he can write a good e-mail.” hahahahha fuck yeah real talk

  2. Future
    Future says:

    I get it, big companies and media attention takes away from the core of snowboarding. But check this, to be able to snowboard year round without a 9-5 you need big companies to pay you to ride their shit. They do so because little kids want to buy the shit you ride. Thus you’re only going to be able to live the dream if you are marketable. If you don’t like it, get a real fucking job and ride weekends with the kooks like the rest of us.

  3. Past
    Past says:

    Hey @Future, did you ask Geeves if he works a real job? Don’t bother, I’ll let you know that he works all summer. Don’t think that Geeves is rich. Taking the winter off to ride is a time honored tradition that has been happening for decades, it’s called being a ‘ski bum’. That can be changed to ‘snowboard bum’ I’m sure, and it means doing it for the love of it at any cost. From what I’ve read, he’s got the love.

  4. Future
    Future says:

    @past. I agree and am aware that most pro’s cannot survive on their riding alone. However, if you all you really care about is riding your way, then fall off the grid, forget sponsors entirely and don’t worry about getting your “banger” for your “part” and exposure. If you are willing to take handouts, then be willing to play the game. Pretty fucking simple. Oh, and ski/snowboard bums don’t get paid to ride; they work as lifties, bartenders, servers, janitors etc……

  5. Present?
    Present? says:

    Everyone is making money off snowboarding, but the snowboarders. If more people bought from companies like DWD they could support more people like Geeves. Rather than buying from DC, which a big chunk of that goes too funding Rob Dyrdek or Ken Block or fucking Steve Berra. Buy DOPE kids. (no offence to the actual dc snow team)

  6. Past
    Past says:

    @Future Did you see Dope3? He had a part. Did you read this hump day interview? Sounds like exposure to me. He’s doing his job as a ‘professional snowboarder’. It’s not a hand out when you’re endorsing the products that you’re being given. The ‘Kooks’ would be doing the same thing if they had the opportunity, so don’t try and give this ‘holier than thou’ speech because you think you work harder for your turns. And ask any ‘ski bum’, it’s all about the addiction, and if you can work your ass off during the summer so that you can ride all winter without working, all the power to you.

    Don’t bother replying either, because I’m going snowboarding, on a Wednesday afternoon, while you’re at school or in a cubical. Fuck you, I’m out. 😉

  7. sean
    sean says:

    the more people that think skating and snowboarding is cool, the better world we live in. I’m glad its on tv sometimes, I’d rather people be watching people shred than whatever else is on. Hating on someone for filming a real snow part is retarded.

  8. switch
    switch says:

    Hey Future, your quote ‘if you all you really care about is riding your way, then fall off the grid, forget sponsors entirely and don’t worry about getting your “banger” for your “part” and exposure.’ I believe a man by the name of Brian Iguchi did just this and what would you have to say about his life. Sometimes you just have to get away from the mickey mouse bullshit, it’s not for everyone.

  9. pockets
    pockets says:

    yo beat is beat and so are all of you the future of snowboardings down the tubes but its ok us snowboarders are just drunks any way righhtt . whered the art forum go i mean who even knew about yo beat in 1997 now its just like the transworld comment section website sweeet.

  10. RW
    RW says:

    Biting the hand that feeds lesson # 47

    Used to cash cheques for ripping, now digs holes.

    The face tatts are a great idea, just ask Bozung.

    Don’t confuse dope with dopey kids…

  11. Aidan
    Aidan says:

    “A lot different… We always got booze and weed goin at the sessions which I think is a good motivator. Get your shit done so you can party with your homies after. We all like to have a good time.”

  12. joefatone
    joefatone says:

    come along way? doesnt sound like it. he sounds like a 14 year old. dude, sorry, im sooo baked.. i totally parrty soo hard and im totally hardcore. what a douche

  13. Harsh
    Harsh says:

    Agreed, it’s amazing how a story now about ” keepin it core” in ten years will be more like, “fuck, I blew it.”

  14. minnesotanice
    minnesotanice says:

    ^hopefully he discovers meth and electronic dance music and moves to edmonton to be a party promoter. then he can dj at backcountry spots while all 30 of friends smoke weed and drink and motivate them to get their tricks.

  15. me
    me says:

    Jeeves is rite most snowboarders now a days are panzis. They want to be so hesh i think they get there gear at american apparel.

  16. future
    future says:

    @switch. Bryan Iguchi is exactly who came to mind when I originally wrote that. You can do it both ways…keep it real, have a career, and be stoked that you are able to make a living doing what you love without feeling like a sell out. It actually is a testament to how the industry is ever evolving.

    @past, dropping the mic doesn’t mean that you made a good point, it means your a pussy. Did you even read what i wrote??? He IS doing his job by filming, getting an interview on yo beat…but like so many other people right now he finds it so hip to hate on the industry. Sean and Jeff are doing great things with DWD…but in the in the Keenan houshehold, who do you think pays the majority of the bills. Guarantee that $$ comes from Leanne via K2, Dakine and Dragon and Airblaster……and there’s nothing wrong with that

  17. hobo
    hobo says:

    The keenan parents pay most of the bills in the keenan household. Mansion building going on in their place in Whistler.

    90% of “pro-ish” shreds are bankrolled by mom and dad.

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