Mt. Bachelor Opening Day Gallery


Words and photos: Tyler Orton

Mt. Bachelor opened on Thanksgiving day and was by far the best opening day we’ve had in years. Blue bird, a foot of fresh and wasn’t crowded. I woke up at 6:30am to see that the mountains were glowing from my front porch.

The crew I was with got after it and ended up getting on the Skyliner chair 20 minutes early. Jd Dennis and I got 3rd chair. Soon we linked up with Ben Ferguson and Will Dennis then 1 soul run afterwards and cruised over to a closed lift to find tranny and fresh snow everywhere. By the time all the pow was torn up I setup in the park because the down tube was looking flawless thanks to Chase Weaver, Parker Bohon and the rest of the park crew. Those dudes work their asses off.

I hit up Justin Norman, Will, and Matt Turner, and we were able to get some shots on the tube. Afterwards everyone got more great snow and left. Opening day was just as good as the Thanksgiving feast later that day. Looks like we’re in for another great season.

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  • Mountainous

    Moffuggin Matt Turner Chuurch

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  • suckitlongsuckithard

    Words were shit, photos were mediocre.

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    ^^^Sounds like someone won’t be enjoying this season.

  • Safety Meeting

    Mega jelly. Shit was fun for about an hour up there on Monday. Then it turned sketchy as fuck once everything froze again. Cone was fun though