Nitro – Hyped for 20 Years


20 years ago Nitro Snowboards created a snowboarding video named HYPE – It was the first snowboarding video they ever made. That is why we decided to create a tribute video this year and named it HYPED! We wanted to show that the Nitro owners, Tommy and Sepp, passion for snowboarding is still alive and kicking to this day by creating a short edit from the old HYPE and by making this years HYPED! movie..

We made a short edit of HYPE to show people what snowboarding was like in the good old days and how much snowboarding has changed technically – but at the same time it is still all about going out with your friends and having a good time!

Now check out what a difference 20 years makes.

  • slappy

    So sick that they did this – such a rad tribute. Can´t believe Nitro has been around so long and they are still owned by the same guys! Rad

  • Why?

    Why isnt this a feature? Snowboarding roots. Amazing.

  • @ knut

    who won the one run thing?

  • clint

    this is the best video.

  • Knut

    @KNUT – Ben Kessler won the One Run Contest – his footage is in the credits of the Hyped! movie

    Check it out here: