Brighton’s Season Launch


This season, former film power couple Connor Brown and Mia Lambson are in charge of bringing you all the hits from Brighton. Here’s the first couple weeks from the camera of Mia.

Riders: Erik Nielsen, Cam Pierce, Jay Lamphier, Jeff Mcgrath, Sam Wittke, Treyson Allen, Brandon Hobush, Stephen Konkler and Stefan Salisbury.

  • G

    Is this the place?

  • Denver

    You can hate the culture, you can’t hate the snow.

  • Datnigga

    this was sick…but the monday minute was sicker

  • Chief Keef 3hunna


  • where are the lines?

    film some lines.

  • connor “pussy destroyer” brown

    i almost drowned in that a$$ ya feel me dudes?

  • YAWN

    gimme dat CBreeze edit already

  • T raw

    Awesome riding.. Bad song choice in my opinion, could have made it way more upbeat

  • brighton laps


  • Poon Slayer

    I’d fuck Mia.. And Connor…

  • merica

    Stephen Konkler put that pussy on ice

  • chairlift rider

    i love cruising by these guys while they hike feature after feature all day every day

  • looked like it was filmed with a digital 8 from walmart. got that dad cam angle down.

  • Chad

    this filming makes hobush look sketch

  • Chode

    The only Brighton is Brighton, Colorado. Utah is the Mormon holocaust.

  • chode

    just kidding Colorado sucks ass, and I’m rocking a chode to go along with the hummer i drive.

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    More Treyson Allen.

  • mdot

    obviously she learned nothing from connor that filming was heinous

  • .um.

    @Denver, it’s slush now. total slush.

  • Boner Jamz

    Something about this edit made me feel really awkward

  • Hate

    You can’t even drink in Utah!

  • Meg

    clean up your lens and your camera work.

    seemed pretty half-assed

  • Tony Danza

    its funny how all the comments are not about snowboarding

  • @chode

    Brighton, michigan. sit on a fat bag of dix

  • Chode

    Ummm… Whoever pretended to be me, I want you to know I’m gonna find you. Brighton, Michigan is not apart of Colorado, so it sux ass.

  • upstatemike.

    all i did at opening day here in vermont was dodge fucktards and get wrecked in mogul hell. nice work brighton, nice work.

  • Noice

    Chairlift rider, If I find out who you are, when you lap past me at brigton, Ill shoot you in the face, then rape your mother. KYS