WhoCares? Full Movie


Doing research sounds hard so we’re just gonna guess this video is from Italy or something. Starring: Marco Morandi, Jacopo Lazzari, Achille Mauri, Mitch Dalle, Luca Panegatti, Matteo Ferraris, Matteo Tuberosa, Tommaso Lanza, Gian Marco Maiocco, Michele Lobrano, Devid De Palma, Cees Wille, Kevin de Haan, Ziga Rakovec, Nejc Ferjan and Jakub Szkaradek.

  • eastcoastkid

    post this shit earlier my mom makes me go to bed at 10

  • Rick

    Well done..,But Mumford and Sons doesnt work with snowboarding

  • oh sick dude

    Who cares? You should, because this is Shane floods part in the other “Who Cares?” snowboard movie. Skip to 0:46 for the goods… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdqbuG4mXPY

  • M c G o o

    I think they’re Chinese

  • well…

    these dudes seem pretty normal for euros

  • prisencolinen for life.

  • JP Walker

    I think I’m about to start caring…