Our Backyard: Episode 1


Mt Baker is opening today, and judging by the fact you’re watching this video right now, you’re not there. So live vicariously through the K2 team instead!

  • titpie

    Anyone know the name of this song? SoundHound couldn’t come thru


    @ titpie try watching the whole video next time.

    And that video was really, really awesome. One major flaw, no Tim Eddy.

  • titpie

    Oh. Me have ADD

  • SD


  • GetWyld

    you shouldn’t be allowed to have that much fun and then flaunt in front of all of our faces…

  • pussy

    that was a really good lil webedit.

  • Damnit K2

    If it wasn’t busy enough with VG, Pirates, Givin and People filming here last year. Oh well the fact is more canadians drive down to Baker to ride than americans. But please stay away, Baker only rains and it did not open today as advertised. In fact it doesn’t ever snow in the NW all that video was CGI and all the pros were riding on cotton. None of you California idiots will come up here anyways because you only ride in jeans with your jacket open and don’t own a transceiver.
    Non Locals GO AWAY!

  • Ramp Tramp

    Skylar and Kyle kill it!!!

  • this is what dreams are made of.

  • boneyballsack

    why do I have to live on the East coast

  • splash log

    northwest is terrible! it doesn’t snow here! I heard the midwest is better. go there!

  • Bonerific

    Baker was amazing today. Snow was a little heavy (cascade concrete), but overall a great opening day

  • anothercanadian

    i already got ten days on snow this year, almost half of them were pow days. you gentleman are in the wrong place!

  • anothercanadian

    plus its dumping outside, and i got the day off. that means another pow day for me!



    fuck off, eh?

  • swedishphish

    the midwest gets way more pow.

  • if it was easy, it’d be called snowboarding.
    -k2 bumper sticker

    buy more shit from a bowling ball company, kids.