Mt Bachelor Pre Season


When you’re kind of a big deal, you get to ride mountains BEFORE they’re open. The rest of you shmucks will be able to hit this tomorrow though.

Riding by: Austin Smith, Johnny Brady, Kyle Martin, Max Warbington and Gus Warbington

Film/Edit: Jon Ray

  • jerms son

    banger was stupid

  • jerms son


  • Jerms Baby Mama

    Son you are high

  • ^shut up, youll never be as clever as jerms mom.

  • wumbo

    I heard DannyG and Jerm’s mom had a gay experience in high cascade two years ago

  • chillum

    bachelor’s cool.

  • roobs

    what the jews are doing to gaza is terrible

  • Simon the swede

    Isn’t everyone able to go hike some rails? Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.