Young Mountain Baby Presents: The Shadow-Fit Rap

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One of the perks of having a rapper on staff at yobeat, is that when a company like Salomon wants to do a feature about their new “shadow-fit” binding technology, we have our work cut out for us.

Instrumental by Mike Fresh. Check his work here

Check out the Hologram binding HERE

Check out the District Bindings HERE

  • kvlt

    i just… why is…. i dont even..
    never mind. i’m going outside.

  • You know what would be cool? An actual video telling us about the product, not some shitty rap that makes no sense and makes me wanna call up Gucci mane to murk this fool

  • vaginasaurs will die

    Another post like this and Catfish Chronicles has my undivided attention

  • jeff the red haired intern


  • Lame

    Awesome. Haters gonna hate. Keep marinating.

  • @teamneversober maybe you should start frequenting shay boarders blog. she has all kinds of great gear reviews.

  • Lange.

    Quit rapping and keep doing PR’s for Kia Souls, Yobeat keeping it sold out!

  • dickslappy

    creeepy as fuck! 1817 shit right there

  • a


  • JP Walker

    Make a real rap.

  • Young one

    Fucking dope video!!! Keep up the good shit Yobeat! Whoever these people are, they’re the shit.

  • johnyb

    young mountain baby coming up in the game

  • Chad

    Didnt this stroke fail his drug test?

  • dick poncho

    OMG!!!!!!11!!!!!1!!!!!eleven! is that tyler the creation!!!!!????????????????????????????????

  • well…

    maybe if he could snowboard his raps might have releveance

  • That Tyler the Creator warp plus the face paint is nightmare fuel.