Meet: Miggs

Love them or hate them, the Gremlinz are jus’ livin the dream e’ryday, and along for the ride is Kyle “Miggs” Miglorie. You probably know him as the “fat kid” and have possibly asked yourself, what does he actually do? Lucky for you, we like to get to the bottom of things here at Yobeat, so here’s his real deal.

So you are referred to as the “Fat Kid” that runs with the Gremlins. What do you think about that one?

That shit don’t bother me at all. I think it’s funny how people can watch a whole Soup Kitchen and can’t find anything else to comment about but what I’m doin. A haters gonna hate so I don’t trip on what these lil youtube punks have to say.

What’s your backstory? How do you know the gang?

Well I’m 21, born in Rutland, VT. Was never really in to snowboarding or skateboarding at all. Then my freshman year of high school I met Tyler (Lynch) and we linked up. Then Tyler linked me up wit Zach, Matt, Korey, Ryan, Peter and the rest the pack. We all became real tight homies, always kickin’ it at my house smokin’ weed together. Then everyone headed west after they graduated and I stayed back to finish my senior year. The next year I headed out to be with the family and continue to pop Gremlinz off, and we have been, so I’m hyped.

The Miggs GBP Pro Model is coming.

I have heard you don’t board much are you reminiscent of a hype man? Can we say you are the Flava Flav to Niko’s Chuck D?

Yeaah… I guess you could say that. Hahaha shit if that’s the case ill have my own show on MTV wit a house full of bitches in no time.

You are all from Vermont, which is very far from any “Urban” development yet it seems the Gremlinz have embraced “Urban” culture and its dialect. Can you explain this?

We embrace a lot of things as a group, But yeaah we do embrace the “Urban” style a lot. It’s not jus’ the “Urban” style though, its a combination of everything ill, it’s our own style. Plus we jus’ keep it gutta anyway.

Miggs gets a visit from brown santa.

I asked Niko this too but tell me a really good story about partying or “jacking off a fool”… did I say that last one correctly?

My 21st birthday jus’ went off this August in Reno at the Wild Orchid, one of the strip clubs down there. We shut that shit down rollin’ 30 deep, I ended up in the Champagne Room wit the black stripper. It was poppin’ we stayed till they turned the lights on. Then dipped wit the strippers and kept it rollin’. We were all faded, definitely was a proper birthday.

What is it you consider the Gremilinz to be?

Gremlinz is my family, and a Movement, an were gonna keep doin’ what we do. So check for the new Soup kitchens an be on the look out for the new Gremlinz Bus.

Another Gremlinz perk: This portrait by Tyler Lynch exists.

In the grand scheme of things where do you see life taking you?

It’s gonna take me whereever the the Gremlinz Bus goes and real soon you can catch me in Sababa Land wit all my gremlin family.

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    Big Black and The Dingo had a baby, watch out it thinks it’s black.

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    yo dis kid reads good yo. fo real doe…..
    GBP is seriously fuckin lame

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    so this confirms that he doesn’t actually do anything right?


    dude seems pretty straight in my book. keep doing what you do miggs

  • I’m pretty sure that it’s not a big deal the Gremlinz have friends who don’t board or don’t board as good as them.

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    What ever happened to KC KYLE not being aloud to comment on here? That fool blows.

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    miggs is the shit. fuck all yall that say other wise

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    didnt schiff make out with goons mom?

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    Gremlinz the last true snowboard crew maybe…most other crews secretly hate eachother nd dont talk to people who dont snowboards ..2 busy bieng marketable

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    Rigggghhtttttt….. bc the gremlinz get along with everyone.

  • spank me

    its okay to hate other long as the pack is 1..but gremmys to busy livin to be hating they just laugh at people and a acaiosionally bar fight in tahoe but that just amounts to the classic mountain town formula..lack of puusy =fighting

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    This is epic, way to solve the mystery Yobeat!!!

  • MIggs is a G. Fuck all the haters that sit on there computers all day and talk shit anonymously and cant back shit. Keep watching videos online and talking shit. Your goin places forsure.

  • ^ fuck ICP

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    the gremlinz go out in the wilderness and spray paint toddler quality tags on boulders and leave their trash all over the place. i dont give a fuck who you are that shit is weak. i hope that bus drives off a cliff with all you inbred degenerates in it

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    The real fat kid is at Hyland… His name is Travis Peterson

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    These kids are on the fast track to minimum wage obscurity.

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    some of you guys are pretty funny….

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    i occasionally smoke blunts

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    these hater replies are just a representation of why snowboarding is lame, people just hate cuz these fools are runnin’ shit, getting the recognition that they deserve, not only as a family clique but talent as well. Just sit back and watch gremlinz videos as they blow up and yall just sit back and envy. to get that new board swag.

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    The Miggs vs Yobeat Dude With Weird Eyes rap battle showdown needs to happen…

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    Miggs, he’s just a Juggalo boy in a Juggalo world.

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    this is snowboard journalism

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    Let me get this straight: Yobeat, a snowboard website, interviews some fat fucking white trash d-bag that doesn’t even snowboard because he’s the hype man for a bunch of other no name, no talent white trash d-bags? Good job Yobeat. By the way nice zeach on the roof of your moms fuck shack. Thumbs down the truth you little faggots

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    Miggs is the realness!

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    That interview was just irrelevant. That was word for word exactly what i thought a fat hype man from rutland would say. Tyler Lynch is the realness doe!

  • Miggs my man.. that dude is the homie! stay wit it yall, – caked dave

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    This is our future, not just of snowboarding, but as humans. Be afraid, be very fucking afraid. GFY Fat Boy

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    I sold gear to Miggs a while back. He was so highhh

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    the fact that he moved out west to do absolutely nothing is what is lame

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    Congrats yobeat you just interviewed a fat drug dealer who doesn’t snowboard

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    You already know what it is! Get Wid It GBP reppin VT and takin over Tahoe! Weeees on top of shit yo!

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    I am the epitome of a deadbeat loser

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    Why y’all ating on miggs, hes a straight up G. No negativity. Just because some of you straight up jealous ain’t mean to wish harm on these dope ass riders.

  • who cares who he is or if he rides or not homies are homies, and gbp is the shit. fuck the haters and i love girls

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    @slimniggle and all the fake Daves. y’all are fukn haters! bet u would still suck his dick for a CAKED board! the miggs hate is too fukn funny too cuz all u would get on your knees just to burn one wit a G! Go snowboard, get off the computer, ya “lil youtube punks”

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    @slimniggle I think that’s what youd call, a drug front.

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    now a days snowboarding is a community of kids trying to look cooler than each other and once you get past that you’ll realize that it was started by a bunch of drunk skaters and surfs that weren’t allowed on the hill. miggs is the truth. get over yourselves and and find out who your real friends are.

  • frank

    Everyone is cool until they prove otherwise. We got a Miggs on our crew and he brings us all together.

    A little positivity goes a long way in day-day life.

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    this confirms that the gremlinz are literate.

  • holy shit, whoever posted that “Rutland’s finest” rap video… AHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG.
    wow. miggz. fuck dootie, that shit is embarrassing.

  • If these trust fund-ers are smart enough to get boards built and stay in business for at least two seasons, then we should have no problem paying the national debt off-anything is possible.

    And after reading the tean ”bio”, it’s apparent that the entire team could not put a proper sentence together. God damn, you sound like fucking fools… sorry, “fuckin foolz, yo!”

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    @DUMB1, I aint hatin on miggs. Dave is a fuckin kook, a douche bag, and a pussy. Isnt CAKED a t-shirt company now? hahahahaha.

    hey STAY POSSITIVE, get yo teeeth fixed!

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