ThirtyTwo Remapped


ThirtyTwo reedited some footage and they’re making it fun! First person to guess all the people in this edit will win a 32 x DGK snowboard. One guess per person so make it count and don’t spam guesses. We have the right to disqualify anyone. Good Luck! Post your guesses at:

  • Maine Snow?

    i feel like iv seen alot of this last year…

  • Maine Snow?

    and if i had just looked up at the description i guess id look less like a dumb ass

  • JP Walker

    Call the fire department! My computer is on fire!

  • Bradshaw – Hobush reedit… and I’m okay with that

  • Lame

    My favorite two parts of this is when the filmer assisted with some grabbage.

  • Cornholio

    Danny Alito, Chris Bradshaw, T. Flanagan, Kooley, Schubert, Brewster, Hobush, Stevens, Sexton, Grenier, Bilocq, Kuzyk, Beresford, Larsen… i think.

  • Bonkers Bowely

    Bill Bunkle, Robert Ricky, Donny Donson, Chris Duncan, Phil Alito and Louis Dingle