Poler Outdoor Stuff Holiday 2012

The Nap Sack is perfect for couch surfing throughout the shred season. It’s a summer weight bag with zippers at the shoulders, so you can stick your arms out, and a cinch at the bottom so that you can open it up and stick your legs out. The chest pocket fits and iPhone and has a pass through cable hole to run headphones internally. MSRP $130

The Duffaluffagus is a classic duffle bag that holds enough to choke a hippo. Wear it as a pack with its tuck away backpack straps or use the shoulder strap. MSRP $80

The Riding Pack is a fully functional snowboarding pack with room for the basics while keeping it minimal and functional. The pack comes complete with internal or external shovel storage, vertical or horizontal board carry and a fleece lined goggle pocket. MSRP $90

The Excursion Pack is a great size for your longer trips, with two organizer slash pockets on the outside and easy laptop access along with a sturdy leather bottom and a design that allows you to open the bag wide and see everything inside. A padded photography divider insert is sold separately for those that wish to add it to the pack, creating a great photographers daypack capable of carrying a DSLR, lenses and accessories. MSRP $140 (pack) $60 (camera case)

The Field Pack is Poler’s simplest and most affordable pack that includes a padded laptop sleeve and one exterior pocket for organizing accessories. MSRP $50

The Camera Cooler is a dual purpose padded shoulder bag with pockets for your iPhone and iPad. The padded camera insert fits a camera and additional lenses and accessories. Take the camera pad out, and the bag becomes a cooler that fits a six-pack with room for an ice pack. MSRP $50

Poler’s Heat Bags are the only air activated heat bags that come in their own resealable pouch. You can turn them on and off by simply sealing them back in the pouch. Perfect for warming your digits on the mountain. MSRP $10

These are just some of our favorites, Poler also offers an assortment of beanies, tees and hoodies.

For more color choices and products please download the Poler Stuff Holiday 12 Catalog here: www.polerstuff.com/holiday12