Makefriendsordie 01: Trollhaugen


Not sure what’s more exciting about this impending winter: Getting to ride sweet pow in the Northwest, or the promise Jake Durham’s new video series.

Featuring: aidan flanagan, danimals, d.j. dexter, young$money, jack thonvold, clay hatzenbuhler, jeffy gabrick, brandon rhoades, cullen berklau, matt boudreaux

  • mdot

    place looks so much fun. and all these cats destroy

  • The View

    the ender was one of the best displays of teamwork i have seen in a while.

  • blumpkin

    Just woke up and saw this, my day is complete.

  • jake durham

    is the fucking man

  • JP Walker

    Vinny with the assist!

  • hawt fiyerrrrr

  • huntsworth


  • green

    That ender… how do you even think of that

  • MidwestistheBest

    @green your answer is my screen name.

  • nathan

    Im convinced they must put magnets in their boards to stay locked into those ridiculous rails

  • midwest…… enough said

  • hmmm.

    Ok, now the midwest is getting a little cocky..

  • There’s nothing like riding a tow-rope park with the homies.

  • swedishphish

    that was insane

  • Bruce

    There’s no powder in the north west it’s awful here all it does is rain. Move to the midwest look at all those sweet rail set ups!

  • House of 1716

    Don’t invite these guys to your house, they just wreck shit.

  • Jrad

    Holy smith grind

  • $

  • makefriends or steal ideas


  • Travis Peterson

    Jake Durham likes to fart on his pillows and smell it after wards

  • purple shards

    Those IPP boards are sick.

  • hubbs

    Trollhaugen coming out hard with the 1.5 inch snow base

  • sqwundle

    this song is trash

  • demonslut

    finally a dope edit keep em comin

  • Dopeninja

    THats the dopest dope

  • money


  • jimbo kats

    Jake Durham way to do it for the kids man

  • Denver

    Thinking I should take a vacation to the midwest, Casanova?

  • Cheesel

    Who spit in my girlfriends face

  • Rick