Zack Wilmot’s Winter Fakeout


Zach Wilmot went all Art of Flight this preseason at Mt. Snow and Killington. He’s no T Rice, but he sure did show those park rails who’s boss.

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  1. Skiier
    Skiier says:

    Hey these shots were in an edit with two plankers in it and then they cut that to just show this guy in slowmo with wacky music. Some cool jibsticking nonetheless

  2. Kzoo
    Kzoo says:

    If you’re racist, don’t post as anything involved with the midwest. Most people in the midwest get along with each other and are pretty tolerant. You must be an imposter. aint nobody got time fo’ dat

    IM AZN & JP WALKER says:

    Zack kills it! Can’t wait to see him get bigger. Asians need more representation in snowboarding. Fuck racism and stereotypes. We’re not all kooks.

  4. vicci
    vicci says:

    hey guess what guys?!?!?! snowboarders are friends with skiers, so its cool you dont have to hurt your butthole anymore worrying about the fact that a skier shot the video….

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