Even Skiers Hate the FIS

So apparently ski racer babe Lindsey Vonn wants to ski with the boys and the FIS was like, “no fucking way lady.” We normally wouldn’t care about this, but Powder Mag’s Jaded Local, who really cares, wrote a super funny story about the controversy. And once we got over the fact he was talking about using two sticks of wood instead of one, we realized, we agree with this guy. The FIS is TOTALLY fucked.

You know an organization is unimaginative, authoritarian, and sexist when they can’t do the right thing for the right reasons even when it would be good for them. Personally, I am crass and sexist: I leer at women and often think of them as sex objects; I would and will happily sleep with the intern without even a fleeting pang of guilt. And yet even I am deeply ashamed and offended by the way that the F.I.S. is handling what should be a kickass historic moment. Admittedly, I don’t know jack about the World Cup. But someone who does, Canadian downhill great Todd Brooker, seems to be on the same page:

“I think it’s just sad the way the bunch of old fuddy duddies who lead the F.I.S., hide behind their stupid, ancient rules to deny her request to race with the men instead of taking advantage of the momentum this great athlete has brought to the sport. I feel she has earned the right to race. The rules that the F.I.S. are hiding behind should have no bearing on allowing for this historic event to take place. They’re just being so short sighted and ignorant.”

Read the rest of the post here, but I should warn you, you may have the same feelings of shred unity that we did, and you know you HATE THAT.

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