At long last, snowboarding’s hardest suburban white girls drop their full flick.

Riders: Marie Hucal, Fancy Rutherford, Jessie Huege, Darrah Reid-McLean, Desiree Melancon, Joanie Robichaud, Joelle “JJ” Juchli, Gabby Maiden, Madison Blackley, Mary Rand, Taylor Elliot, Alice Gorton, Marie-Andree Racine, Gillian Andrewshenko, Vanessa Moore, Sara Berdayes, Luci Imbach, Alexa McCarty.

A movie by Danyale Patterson

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  1. Men
    Men says:

    Lifestyle shots and overediting to cover up the fact that girls still suck at snowboarding. Nice try, Next time just hit us with boob shots.

  2. Schwoog
    Schwoog says:

    Why is Zoe Mayers not in this? that girl kills it so hard way more than Luci Imbach….Sucks you didnt put her in she kills it

  3. T raw
    T raw says:

    Like many people, I watched hoping for some boob action in the snow. And like so many, I was dissapointed. (Except for Desiree. Kills it)

  4. Cait
    Cait says:

    The riding is generally sick for girls, which is totally ruined by the retarded editing in the first 3/4 of the movie. Guessing Marie Hucal and Desiree Melancon shut that down, at least made the last 4 minutes bearable.

  5. kevin court
    kevin court says:

    I would bang anyone of you fine chunks of ass, i prefer the back door of a lady as always. also i love having rough s&m on lots of lsd and prefer my women to dominate me in this state of higher being. MARY RAND is the shit and i could back flip any of you bitches. it puts the lotion on its skin. RUFF ANAL with amanda ramono

  6. fired
    fired says:

    those were literally the tallest handrail lips i’ve ever seen in my life. how are we supposed to respect you when you wont respect yourself? chop that shit down. all of them. learn how to ollie it’s not that fucking hard.

  7. JP Walker
    JP Walker says:

    1. Girls smoking is gross
    2. What was with the music (minus the last part)
    3. The graphics?
    4. The last 4 minutes were the only parts worth watching.
    5. Girls!

  8. partydick
    partydick says:

    1. We’re not gonna lower our snowboarding standards just because you’re a girl, that would be sexist and a disservice to all women.
    2. Just because you tried hard doesn’t mean you did a good job.
    3. We don’t care if it hurts your feelings.
    4. Get back in the kitchen and make me a fucking sandwich.

  9. Daddy
    Daddy says:

    All snowboarding aside, just because you snowboard does not mean you have an excuse to be gross. Pull your fucking shit together.

  10. Real Talk
    Real Talk says:

    Why is it that when most girls snowboard they have the style of a thirteen year old boy? Except for Desiree, the rest of the parts would be in the rejected edits pile if they weren’t girls. Danyale’s part had a few cool shots, but Salem makes me feel like I’ve been in the k hole for a week…

  11. optimist
    optimist says:

    Step in the right direction. Danyale, Desiree, Jessie Heuge, Mary Rand. Maddison Blackley had a solid front lip, JJ’s front board around 4:30, few other pretty tight shots in there. Maybe lose a few of the bail shots though.

  12. Diggles
    Diggles says:

    I’m backing this hard. You can’t expect man level boarding from girls, so that complain is irrelevant. But as for the editing and crazy ass ADHD cracked out graphics. That shit rules! Great job Dingy.

  13. Utah
    Utah says:

    Honestly, what the fuck did I just watch? Dessira all the way, hands down. wait why is mary rands tricks under that chick alex? editing is horrible……. stick to snowboarding. Mary Rand kills it, and this movie doesn’t show it. Nice spots, not enough good tricks. where THE FUCK IS JESS?

  14. cascadia411
    cascadia411 says:

    So I’m pretty sure that most of these guys hating on chicks for not doing triple kinks are either:
    2.Stuck with a fat chick that doesn’t shred.
    3.Can’t do half the tricks these girls do in the street but can do them on boxes.

    Finally big ups to Danyale. There aren’t too many girls out there filming and putting together video parts. I remember 4 years ago when she was a little kid working at a shop in Anchorage just for the connections and product. Now she’s traveled the continent.
    Haters please link to a video of your girlfriend riding better than these chicks. Oh wait, your single.

  15. kevin court
    kevin court says:

    I’m single cause i pull 20 dumb ass hoes like you a year ^ and most of them lick my asshole, ya this video wasn’t switch back lips on triple kinks but it was good and ya i would still backflip all you ladies on LSD. butt plugs and anal beads 4 life

  16. milksteak
    milksteak says:

    some solid tricks, but lets cover some points here ladies:

    1. please stop dressing like dudes.. it’s not attractive, and your not helping your cause.
    2. learn how to can all take notes from the blondie at the end who gave that chick a face melter.
    3. learn how to talk shit, youre not good at in point, cascadia411
    4. not going to post a link to my girl’s edit, she doesn’t have one. know why? because shes hot and doesn’t need to put together a shitty edit to impress dudes.

  17. kvlt
    kvlt says:

    ~lol 69 comments~
    everybody calm down. aspergers everywhere.

    going to be honest, i was stoked on the trailer. i bought a shirt because scene chicks love cats and inverted crosses. i was excited to see this. but then i stopped watching after mary rand’s part, because i just couldn’t push through it.

    at least they’re snowboarding though, right? good shit. keep at it.

  18. Alexandra
    Alexandra says:

    girls getting together, having a good time, and supporting each other. awesome.

    guys hating on it. whats new? who gives a fuck?

  19. HADES
    HADES says:

    sweet editing! lots of crazy falls. take your vitamins girls. good job! loved the kittens, in a creepy witch kind of way. graphics ruled… next level! xoxo

  20. Mick Fanning
    Mick Fanning says:

    WTF was that a tampon?? 7:57
    thats like a girls version of a guy gripping on to a handful of human fecal matter.

  21. Lauren Longfield
    Lauren Longfield says:

    Okay none of these people are me. I would never say shit like that. These girls kill it. Fuck you csm or whoever commented using my name!

  22. Another above average gurl
    Another above average gurl says:

    Love the qualitiy editing, looks like someone went to art school with all the animation. Some rad rail shots. Mary Rand was also my fav part.

  23. @ Teaser Tits
    @ Teaser Tits says:

    @ the girl that shows her tits in the teaser. I give those an A+ , I bet you have to strap those babies down with a tight sports bra to keep them from throwing off your balance shredding.
    Minus Gretchen Blieler there are no female snowboarders showing skin on or off the snow. Keep the apres sexy scenes coming! Next year drop a double feature with a behind the scenes gyno visit!
    Great movie and also enjoyed the two girls making out…plus a few hammers thrown in at the start and finish. All you girls are super hot for now so keep hiking those stairs and your ass won’t get fat.
    #sexyshredders whenever possible guys!

  24. DTT
    DTT says:

    Who cares if it was good or bad? The fact that all 99 of you guys watched a full snowboard film of just girls (and all the kids like me who went to the premiere and saw it) is HUGE progress for us ladies! Pavin the way.

  25. Real Talk
    Real Talk says:

    @ cascadia411:

    I’m not hating on these girls for not doing triple kinks. It’s great that they’re are having fun and working to produce their own vid. Here is the issue: I would be willing to bet that a lot of the guys that criticize edits like “Too Hard” do so because there is a clear double standard between men and women snowboarders. There were perhaps a handful of tricks at most in this vid that I can’t do, and as a guy this is nothing to brag about. If I were a girl, I (and probably a lot of yobeat guys) would fit right in this vid. As a guy, however, I am considered only mediocre compared to other crews of guys putting out multiple edits a year.

    I agree that there are a lot of negative comments on this vid, including mine. However, I’m not going lie and say I’m watching this edit multiple times and getting inspired to zeach down a ten-stair handrails with a lip so big it’s practically a ride-on. In contrast to vids like “Too Hard,” watching the edits put out by crews like bhappy, gremlinz, etc. makes me truly excited to snowboard.

    And for the record, I’m 1) in a 4+ year relationship with 2) a beautiful girl who does snowboard (but doesn’t think she’s hot shit like a lot of girls because she can front board a box). She is better than most girls I know who are constantly trying to impress guys by talking about how hard they “shred” and bragging about making the finals of some rail jam with only 4 girls competing. It’s irrelevant if any yobeat commenters have girlfriends who snowboard anyway. You don’t have to be dating a pro snowboarder to know that most “good” girls are just not in the same league as most “good” guys. A lot of the spots in this vid are in several other big name vids. Watch how the Videograss guys ride, for example, then compare it to girls in this edit and others hitting those same features. 3) I can never do good handplants, but I can do 95% of the ticks in this edit and in most cases with better style (with the notable exception of Desiree). There isn’t one rail/jump/feature in this edit that I wouldn’t feel comfortable attempting myself, but that’s nothing to brag about. I acknowledge that I don’t cut it compared to the guy crews you see filming at Northstar, Boreal, etc.

    TL-DR: It’s great that these girls are having fun and being creative on their snowboards and with their editing, but don’ttell me that you are as stoked to watch “Too Hard” as you are (for example) one of the Gremlinz vids.

  26. Dave
    Dave says:

    that was pathetic, terrible editing and the 1st song was one of the worst ive ever heard, highlight of the video was the guy riding backwards on the bike handlebars

  27. Jason
    Jason says:

    Hell yeah Dangy that was sick! keep it up.

    good to see people doing something awesome and
    productive with their time instead of just talking shit.

  28. Maxwell
    Maxwell says:

    come on, wheres the taylor swift songs at? lol… but in all seriousness, it would be great if some girls would be themselves while snowboarding, instead of these fake-gangsters…

  29. jaybird
    jaybird says:

    Great job. How many people have actually filmed & edited their own movie? Uh —- not many! Keep it up…. girls rule!

  30. Constructive Criticism
    Constructive Criticism says:

    …you’re trying too hard. Cut the gangster bullshit, it’s not attractive, and just because you’re a bunch of girls doesn’t change that. The riding wasn’t too hard, so maybe consider focusing an ALL GIRLS snowboarding film that accurately portrays how GIRLS ride, which is NOT TOO HARD, apparently. Pick a title that doesn’t set you up for failure is what I’m saying. With that, either rename it Two Tits or keep the name and fucking show up and put down some serious tricks. I’ll let double standards get my attention (trust me that’s in your favor for now), but no way are double standards going to allow me to be impressed.

    Next time focus more on having genuine fun, friends and adventure. Tool on and toy with the all the burnout guys that are never going to make it in snowboarding. And no matter what, don’t let assholes like me talking shit discourage you. Fucking keep at it.

    Oh yeah, and stop smashing glass everywhere, you DO just look like a bunch of stupid bitches when you do that. Thank you.

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