The Nike Snowboarding Project: Chapter 2


If you thought Nike dropped all that cash on their Chosen Sessions park in Austria for Connor Brown’s crew, you would be sorely mistaken. After the kiddos left, the pros got to work while Brad Kremer pointed a camera at them. The result the second chapter in the Nike Snowboarding Project. For more info check out

  • wheres jed?

    wheres jed?

  • that had some cool timelapses

  • DADswag

    wheres jed?

  • YourProblyCoolerThanMe

    Was that the Art Of Flight mini-movie?

  • pol

    the things i would do to ride that park..

  • jp

    whoever that is hucking meat @ 3:32. so nice.

  • geebes

    should of left out some of the megga mo so you could actually watch the snowboarding

  • weinerhouse

    good thing connor brown’s edit was still better…

  • cm

    wheres carlino? what a crappy edit.

  • Rick

    Looks like they made this thing to play on loop in Dicks Sporting Goods

  • Yo

    I welcome the return of Danny Kass.. even though he still wears grenade gloves

  • Panther

    40% LifeStyle shots, 60% Slow Mo Tricks with the landing cut out

  • Rod

    Where the fuck is that goofy bastard halldor ?

  • fired

    names would have been rad. on the other hand maybe faceless snowboard drone is what nike was going for.

  • I wish

    I could tell what the fuck was going on. Cutting landings, super close ups, mega slo mo, no titles. It was kind of a mess.

  • Please…

    Don’t do it! I mean sick park, sick team and stuff…but the only thing they do is to pay super pros to make you want to buy their stuff and think Nike is the shit (so that you hopefully also buy their sporting goods). They show no commitement to snowboarding itself, seems all they want is to rejuvenate their brand. I mean that is kind of obvious, for Nike as corporation the snowboarding market is tiny and they are putting that much money into it (in relation to the size of the market).

  • Fry

    Can’t tell if Brad Kremer is trying to do something cool and different, or trying to be like Art of Flight. . .

  • bruce

    Much rather would have had nike put thousands of bucks in to a video of austin smith beating the shit out of red bull guys

  • ron burgundy’s chin stubble

    this dude blew it. bring back joe

  • @ #17

    I’d say they dropped plenty of dough to show commitment to snowboarding. You must of been busy thinking of a hateful commit and jerking it watching the stupid lifestyle shots and not looking at that park.

    I don’t understand why everyone is so butt hurt over nike. I rode 32 boots for a couple of years and sure they are good… for a season and then they gain half a size from packing out so bad that you can’t get any heel hold. I’ve tried DC boots, and Ride boots too and there is no comparison to how Nike boots fit and last. I’m on my third season in the same pair of Nike boots and they still are solid with well over 250 day of riding them. I’d say all that Nike money works out OK.

    So keep crying over Nike and riding the cool guy boots and I’ll keep giving my money to Nike and the 10 year olds that do a great job of making my boots in some Southeast Asian country I’ve never heard of.

  • ghetto blaster

    not going to lie. this edit is crap.

  • why did they show half of half the tricks, gay

  • well…

    was there a single clip that showed approach, trick and landing?

  • JP Walker

    Hundreds of thousands of dollar$ gets you one sick video!

  • Everyone can talk shit, you all know it was sick as fuck

  • Beavis

    Seriously uhuhuh wheres jed?

  • Harsh

    Tip of the hat to Austin Smith for creating an entire career off one epic season 6 years ago. Well done.

  • Woody

    Well that was bad.

  • Boner Jamz

    I wanna hit a reverse hip… =[…..

  • baby sniffer

    fuck danny kass