Fast Laps: Killington

Ever heard the expression, “Don’t Jersey Vermont?” These kids are totally disobeying.

Riders: Kevin Kaczynski, Brandon Chiesa, Justin Brzostowski, Brett Stewart and Matt Genovese.

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  1. everywhere i look now
    everywhere i look now says:

    i see hobush. oh wait just another kid copying everything he has. except his style maybe next time champ

  2. TheRustBelt
    TheRustBelt says:

    ^ You are a perfect example of someone I would never fucking snowboard with ever “everywhere I look now” you sound like a 15 year old girl.

  3. yoallsumpussies
    yoallsumpussies says:

    Brett stewart slays no doubt. Definitely coming through with the most solid and stylish tricks in the edit.

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