Christy Prior 2012

Christy Prior has style, pop, a solid bag of tricks, and a vagina. We completely understand if you’re now considering moving to New Zealand.

Edit: Riley Bathurst

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  1. National Boner Kill
    National Boner Kill says:

    Congrats Christy, you’re being judged on the same level as everything other dude who kills it on rails. Now stop doing smith grinds

  2. her dad
    her dad says:

    Girls need to be held to the same zeach standards as the boys if they ever want to get any respect. Therefore, I can still say damn, how did they get that much snow in that huge kitchen?

  3. Babie Sniffer
    Babie Sniffer says:

    lets all get real here when you saw the too hard teaser you were kinda embarrassed for those dyke ass woman.this on the other hand is actually good

  4. IceCoast
    IceCoast says:

    A girl that can do nose presses? Wow. Too bad she does them all crooked like she’s trying to pick up a Technine sponsorship…

  5. jerm
    jerm says:

    still cant let that signature jamie anderson “tail slide” go. i dont think girls will ever stop doing that move. why cant they just stand up and not zeach?

  6. basshole
    basshole says:

    lot of egregious zeaches, but then again also a lot of proper tricks too. sw front boards were lookin good and the switch lip 270 through the kink was solid

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