The Spring Break Snowboards Pop Up Show

Despite a false alarm on Facebook that the Spring Break Art Show was cancelled, the heads of the snowboard world gathered in the lobby of the Grand Sierra Hotel on November 9th for a pop up art show featuring the abstract snowboard art by Corey Smith, as well as photography by Spring Break contributors Alex Mertz, Kealan Shilling and more. After a long day of slashing pow, the beers went down easy and the art looked pretty neat.

The men behind the magic — Alex Mertz, Kealan Shilling, Corey Smith and Marcel du Champ.

This was taken during set up. It got more hopping, trust us.

If we hadn’t spent all day getting barreled by pow at Mammoth, some of these photos may have been a little annoying to look at. As it was, the powder fever was alive and well.

Ben Rice was rocking a very special, one-of-a-kind Spring Break shirt, and Doug Olsen was wearing the same bathrobe as everyone else in the Transworld suite. Awkward.

Did you hear about Burton’s new Muppets snowboards? This is basically like that.

There was a scheduled showing of the Spring Break movie, but the projector never showed up. So it’s on the laptop in the foreground and Andrew Brewer, Josh Parker and Tim Eddy are staying warm by the fire rather than watching it.

The Dump Em Out coozies were the must-have accessory of the evening.

Cale Zima has his.

And even Robbie Sell was representing.

Corey Smith and Marcel du Champ show off their boards, and their guns.

They let these two bitter old dudes come. DC’s Dave Appel and TWS Super Contrib Joel Muzzey.

It’s not a party unless Steven Duke shows up. So obviously that happened.

Oh woah, this must be where they got the idea for the coozies!

Art appreciation.

Gray Thompson and Maxwell Carl Scott were mostly there for the art, but also enjoyed the company.

Art enthusiast Timothy Eddy.

Transworld’s hotel room was right upstairs from the show. After drinking their vodka, it seemed like the least I could do was take a picture of Hondo and John Poulin and put it on the site.

And actually, we all got along. Yobeat Managing editor Justin Leveille and TWS Associate Editor John Poulin share a moment.

But enough about us. Here are some more snowboards!

Corey showed off some of the latest tech from Spring Break Snowboards — the 7-swallow tail.

Things got a little weird when the singalong started, so it was pretty much time to go get some food.

But don’t worry. The Paparazzi was out. There will be plenty more pictures to come.

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    LEG BAGGER says:

    I would absolutely love to ride on of those fat boards in some powder, haters go have fun with your magnetraction on some ice

  2. Benny West
    Benny West says:

    Fuckin haters…. Corey smith has contributed more to snowboarding than any of you wanks. Not that he needs any defending he is prolly slappin your mom around right this second.

  3. mr&mrsdouchebag
    mr&mrsdouchebag says:

    Love it…Snowboarding needs more people like Corey,always thinking up something to get us hyped.Thanks Corey!!! Springbreak Forever

  4. Dumpem
    Dumpem says:

    Spring Break just isn’t the same unless there is some hot babe like Alice there. Corey looks really old, where are the tits? It looks like only chicks with dicks showed up. I want beer bongs, jello shots, and wet t-shirts contests. Oh well better luck next time trying to put together a show.

  5. kvlt
    kvlt says:

    closed minded kids everywhere. corey kills it in the art world in my opinion, and anyone who thinks this is hipster faggotry hasn’t the slightest clue about art. john duncan recorded himself fucking a dead girl and played the audio back to an audience in an unlit room; corey’s just blurring the lines between art and snowboarding, not on some weird bullshit conceptual performance art level. educate yourselves.

    kevin castanheira killed it with the edit, too. if that doesn’t get you stoked to ride because it’s too “artsy” then you don’t deserve to associate yourself with snowboarding.

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