W.A.R.U.’s Indoor Tour 2012


Our favorite Japanese homeys hit up the finest domes in the Japan. Hilarity ensues.

Riders: Hiroshi Suganuma, Shimpei Shimoda, Kazuhei Nomura, Muga Shimosato, Masa Noaki, Katsuhiko Tachibana
Filmer: Hideyasu Hirata

  • EastCoast

    Keep the Change bitches

  • TStrex

    does anyone know the last song they were all singing? i wanna put that in my edit.

  • JP Walker

    Asians… They were born to be wild.

  • Rick

    Rorn to be Rild

  • babygail420fourU

    This is so fucking sick, yobeat should cover more shit like this.

  • Lee

    Was that Joe Sexton??….wait….

  • midwest murder

    I bet his dick is really little..

  • patrick

    i honestly was hoping they would utilize that half pipe more

  • boneyballsack

    are you sure they arent Chinese? its really hard to tell these days…

  • some guy from the internet

    so i guess these guys are from the midwest of japan

  • phillp oliver holes

    is this the new gangnam style video?

  • dick poncho

    those jnepnation kids could make a better edit than this…

  • Dominic

    I was supposed to enjoy this?

  • IceCoast

    Jerm please come hate on this, because it was terrible.

  • emma earl

    that “snow” they were on looked like pure ice. im just gona stick to snowboarding outside, unless global warming goes crazy.

  • sqwundle

    greatest thing ive ever seen

  • minnesotanice

    shoulda been rejected.

  • muga is the best human of all time

  • squares

    i can be pro in japan.

  • World war two

    No hard feelings right?

  • R Kelly

    Is there really no zeach comments?


  • jp walker’s arms

    that was retarded

  • asdkjfnsDJ

    i think some of these guys were on mxc

  • John

    the song made it so much harder to watch.

  • John

    at least they were throwing down some heavy tricks though….oh wait.

  • i dont understand their sense of humour.


    this edit was absolutely terrible. no one likes yellow snow………….