The People’s Court: Drayden Gardiner vs. Reid Smith

Last week we posted an edit of a 12 year old from Whistler. Once word got out around the preteen snowboard world that Yobeat had posted a little kid edit, the People’s Court inbox was flooded with little-kid season edits. It’s up to you to dictate the fate of these youngsters.

Drayden Gardiner


Reid Smith

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The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of each weekly battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear and be in contention for the year-end battle with a grand prize of a one-year Arnette sponsorship. To submit your edit, email the link to [email protected]

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  1. Snowdogg
    Snowdogg says:

    Draydens got madd skills you see this in the park just killing it in the park , halfpipe, pow and more Vote for the Socal Kids doing big thing at a young age.

  2. emma earl
    emma earl says:

    second kid killed it, he’s already developing syle with his tricks. and the first kid is better than 69% of the entire yobeating population.

  3. BMRP
    BMRP says:

    Huge talent for such a young age…Both kids! Drayden is a very cool kid so I have to go for him! Can’t wait to see what he will do this next year at 13.

  4. My Kid Skis Faster
    My Kid Skis Faster says:

    REID FAWKING SMITH ERRYBODY. Kid can beat any of your beat asses in a game of skate on a rail. To bad hes a kooook!

  5. hash
    hash says:

    reids an academy bitch not that im saying hes bad but watch your back up on hood this season academy kids..

  6. scott
    scott says:

    that first kid really needs to get a pair of nice, black, pants. Americans should only film in black pants. Grey, tan, denim, and camo is acceptable as one ages though.

  7. bash
    bash says:

    the first kids i thought was a 12 year old chick compared to that vid yobeat posted a few days ago (the vid of the girl had better style), and reid looked like a young jed anderson with that style. no contest. Reid strait up

  8. Nocontest
    Nocontest says:

    Sorry Drayden, you’re a great kid and really nice, but honestly, there is no comparison between the two videos. Reid is light years ahead of Drayden. He is throwing down man tricks and doing them with style. Drayden is doing mediocre tricks with no style. Anyone who is voting for Drayden is doing so because they know him personally. It’s almost embarrassing to drayden how much better Reid is than him. You need a lot of practice Drayden before you can even consider yourself on the forefront of progression. You have no tricks on rails what so ever and you’re style is comparible to a girl. You need to really focus this next season on learning new tricks that every kid your age cant do. Reid should be an inpsiration for you. The level that he is on is what you should strive for. All in all, I feel bad for Drayden that Yobeat put him up against a kid who is so so much better than he is. it just makes drayden look really bad at snowboarding.

  9. peterPETERSON
    peterPETERSON says:

    anybody who says drayden won or was anywhere near the Reid probably should stick to riding scooters

  10. Obama is mama
    Obama is mama says:

    Im pretty sure I met Drayden a few years back at bear. And he was only like 6 years old. So by the time he’s thirteen I’m sure he’ll be able to put together a way better edit then reids minute video. And his edit right now is way more entertaining!!! Kids got heart !!!!!

  11. HashTag
    HashTag says:

    these kids need to get use to people hating on them if they are gonna make it in snowboarding. just because someone is young doesn’t mean we should be discriminating on their age. With that said.. they both suck and need to craw up in their mommys boxes to cook a little longer.

  12. Cody B
    Cody B says:

    danng… lotta hate on these little guys. props to both of them, they are both killing it on different levels.

  13. Kyle Forster
    Kyle Forster says:

    Rode with Reid today, he fucking rips and is so much fun! He has some ill style and knows how to rip his board around. You got my vote buddy !

  14. SMoneyG
    SMoneyG says:

    Really yobeat? who did you think your audience would choose in this battle? The first kid with the shitty filming/ editing, who dresses in skier jock clothes and rides a flow board and zeaches in all seriousness? or the second kid who 360s on, has style and is decent edit/song? You guys gotta make these a closer contest. Did you seriously have any doubt of the outcome at all?

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