Toeside Terrors Tests: Forum Holy Moly II 155

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Holy Moly! In the final installment of the 2012-13 board tests, Tech spits hot fire about the final ever model of the Forum Holy Moly II 155. All Rap Instrumentals provided by Mike Fresh. check his work here. or follow him on twitter @Mike__Fresh.

The real Deal:

-poppy and ready to ride straight out of the plastic.

-This thing was squirley. They describe this board as the best, most affordable park board. False. -It seems to me like the engineers tried to strip out as much material as possible but made a snowboard that sucks. A frankenstein experiment gone wrong, if you will. It was stiff in all the wrong spots.


  • just a thought

    what the fuck is affordable when it retails at $500?
    that’s more expensive than your average board

  • Womp

    @just a thought $500 is quickly becoming a fair average for a good board – check the price of a good pair of skis and then bitch a little more

  • BooYAkAsha

    FUCK MSRP i buy bitches with pro forms

  • lurkin

    I already have a new board and I only buy last seasons shit. I don’t know why I watched this.

  • JP Walker

    You like boards like you like your dick, soft.

  • emma earl

    you can still buy a very good deck for well under $400.

  • MidwestistheBest

    Thank god this is over!!! Next year get some reviewers who can actually ride. I literally know a 6 year old girl that can ride better than that.

  • Sababa

    My favorite gremlinz edit yet

  • oldtimer

    wait till end of season. two words…fire sale.

  • dickslappy

    @ womp skiers like the d


  • Pokémon Master


  • #

    No one seemed to care at all about Forum until the news about them going under came out.

  • John

    im so glad forum is done. it will be good for the snowboard industry for burton to take over the world of snowboarding.

  • wumbo

    Does Peter really want forum??

  • maybe this board seemed stiff in all the wrong places because the board tester doesnt actually know how to ride a snowboard.

  • OscarGrouch

    @John Burton will be the death of snowboarding

  • True

    Common seriously?!?!?! It’s the board Andreas Wiig rides….just have a look what Andreas does and now compare it to the riding during this “test”….

  • matty k

    I ride this exact board. I personally don’t have issues pressing it and it has grand pops like a mother fucker. Who are you to hate on some of Forum’s last models ever. Board RIPS people

  • speedballz

    this board actually does rip. It is more snappy than stiff. tons of carbon in the nose and tail make it super good on jumps and the base is fast as fuck. This thing is more suitable for people who actually like to ride fast, hit jumps, and actually turn. If this guys soaked himself before ridingmaybe he could have pressed on this thing.


    the flow in the rap was hella tight, review was sick, fuck all you fucking haters

  • babygail420fourU

    I can’t believe you give board reviews to a kid that can’t even test it…. little baby white boy couldn’t even pull off the tech if he tried…… give this kid a 147.. some unions and a brighton pass…. because thats about as far as his riding will go. Forums boards are ment for a rider that wasn’t a stiffer but still playful deck for jumps.. Oh well this was funny and made me laugh. you kids need to stop taking this yobeat shit seriously. if ever. I FUX WIT IT.

  • Debaser

    all yall try too hard in the comments

  • idontrideforum

    toeside terrors and a rap career