Quinn Dubois 11/12


You hear about the 12-year-old girl that landed a 540 McTwist on a vert ramp last week? Well this FootyFiend homey is 12 too, so that’s something.

  • Dunno

    Why “1990 rules!”? Shouldn’t it be “2000 rules!”?

    Wow I’m old.

  • ^holy shit, i’m old and bad at math. Thanks, fixed.

  • Doublecock

    you know you’re getting old when you miss a decade

  • Larry Hoover

    the most hoodrich 12 year old I’ve ever seen

  • Robbo

    he is killing it

  • Yo Quinn, when’s your next hot wheels commercial dropping?

  • JP Walker

    Too bad he is Canadian.

  • alana smith

    We out here HUSTLIN’ GRINDIN’

  • wade thomas

    ski mask and knife, how original

  • filmer

    This kid is only 13


  • 2namez

    He’s been sellin dope since ’96

  • Pol

    this kid is seriously tough. I better keep my tech decks in a secure place next time I come to deep cove.

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    Do people throw Canadian dollars in the club in Canada?

  • @timwindells’ballsack

    In canada dollars are coins called “Loonies” It might hurt the strippers a bit if you throw em.

  • michigander

    he grabbed tindy. motherfucker

  • fired

    @@timwindells’ballsack that’s called making it hail. they get sad at first but then what? they pick up the change. cuz they’re fucking strippers.

  • keaton


  • wumbo

    Pre-teens and their butterfly knives, kids these day

  • G

    http://vimeo.com/50923833 @filmer’s right, Reid Smith is 13 and is straight fire!

  • HIGHcascade

    wait a minute…. I know this kid!!!

  • steve jobs

    yeaaaa quinn!! killin it as always. Keep kids on shred

  • chyll

    that was annoying

  • sizzurup

    i heard quinn sips lean

  • mike jones

    WUTUP haters. This kid is a G, betta recognize.