Vote Jeremy Jones for National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

Jeremy Jones is up for National Geographic’s Adventurer of the year, against humanitarians, explorers, climbers, that dude Red Bull dropped from space and others. In case you need any convicing which you should vote for him, our man Rumorator von Rumorstein has you covered:

– Snowboarders are always looking for some adventure.
– He’s been ripping since forever.
– Remember that photo in the Burton catalog, from the year they sold the board bag with a tent included. They set that shit up and camped out in a parking garage in downtown Burlington. I’m pretty sure JJ was in there. That’s fucking adventure.
– You know how hard it is to visit Minneapolis in the winter? Dude does it all the time and then rides handrails.
– You really gotta go deeper into urban environments to find proper rails. That’s why his movie was called Deepered.
– He invented Forum
– That one screw in the binding/varial looking bullshit: 100% adventure.
– Dude is into motorcycles. Motorcycles are actually more adventurous than snowboards. You didn’t know that? Clearly you’ve never seen Easy Rider or Top Gun.
– That board with the ‘Merican flag on the base. Bold move, just sending up a signal flare to the dudes who like snowboards, Nascar and meth.
– He hangs out with JP “Tha Advencha Don” Walker.
– Remember that time he went huge onto that rail? Fuck yeah, you do.

But seriously, might as well vote right here:

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  1. Harsh
    Harsh says:

    Do you morons seriously not understand she intentionally cited the wrong JJ to be funny? Congrats you’ll all have amazing futures as bus-boys and Subway sandwich artists after you’re done with your marginal rep-rider snowboard careers.


    This site fucking blows now.

    Ruining snowboarding since a few years ago when your started sucking.

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