Soup Kitchen 19: Refried Leftovers


It’s almost like a-whole-nother movie! Those Gremlinz sure are generous.

  • these. niggas. go. if you hate, you jealous.

  • snatch

    I remember when my life was like that…but then I graduated high school.

  • randy mathews

    where the boobies at?/

  • Wahn

    yo snatch, not only do you smell bad, but you’ve clearly never been told that what other people do with their lives is up to them, and your business is your own. Your comments are pointless, and you’re the only one going down with them. GBP be risin’ up and cookin 5-star edits ye feel me!? shouts the fuck out to all these guys shreddin and having fun living life. Straight up rolemodels in my mind. nevermind the things percieved to be as negative by society

  • GetWyld

    the intern’s raps are better than dave tarfur

  • nah

    edits are far from 5 star. shits lame.

  • Chode

    Hey remos I want you inside of me

  • sluicebox

    GBP is all about good vibes and fun and not giving a fuck, except the highly serious business of internet haters you better check yourself before you wreck yourself snatch

  • is tyler lynch pro yet? holy shit


    Fuck the hate.. keep livin ur dream. Nothin but respect for GBP.

  • Miggs’ Bong

    GBP should make Tyler Lynch pro.

  • @snatch After you graduate high school you have to give up having fun?

  • dude

    the fat one is my favorite

  • Boats n’ Hoes

    How many of the gremlinz collect welfare? Either still riding on their parents’ cock or collecting my tax money for their party habits. Just wait until drug testing for welfare gets passed, then you’re fucked. <3

  • hahahahaha

    you guys dont know shit bout these kids. keep hatin, you have no idea what youre talkin bout. GRYMLINZ