Keystone Opening Day 2012


Colorado is open! Maybe that place isn’t so bad after all.

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  1. baby sniffer
    baby sniffer says:

    another great part of opening day is all the norts who forgot how shitty they actually were last season just to be rudly awaken by how truly shit they are

  2. dick poncho
    dick poncho says:

    this is like one of those youtube videos that i turn off in the first 5 seconds because of the intro, then i saw the opener, held on a little longer, then turned it off

  3. bitchmadeyobeaters
    bitchmadeyobeaters says:

    oh no 3 swivels ;( grow up pussies. snowboarding is about doing what ever the $%&* you want. i’m doubting vid or squares can blunt 450. s my d bitches..

  4. oto
    oto says:

    Hey square and all you Colorado haters stop your crying and go back to riding in your back yard on your plastic Walmat sleds.

  5. Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka says:

    Hey fucksticks, sorry I’m late to the convo… i was too busy yobeating off to a screen grab of JP walker’s spirit fingers. i love how awesome the filming is in this video, was that shot on a R.E.D.? color correction what is that? and as for the ender… DAMN haven’t seen pranks like that since middle school, love it, hate it and wanna F#$% it with the go pro stick it was filmed on.

    Colorado rocks, snowboarding is for fun and everyone except for the Dillon Wilson dude (whoever the hell he thinks he might be) who filmed and edited this video is cool.
    those dudes are just having fun getting their game back for the year

  6. HashTag
    HashTag says:

    @trillstar. Colorado sucks because of the following; Swamp Donkeys, texas, simmon dumount, tall tee companies, and mexicans

  7. candygrind sucks
    candygrind sucks says:

    candy grind sucks. so does that faggot skier company tall tee. hobo needs to make an edit those fools kill shit.

  8. codeyellisonsucks
    codeyellisonsucks says:

    Its funny cause this codey ellison pro snowboarder wanna be contest kid thinks he going somewhere. Codey ellison can suck my left nut. arent you suppost to be training for the olympics

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